Switch drive from one SATA plug to another?

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    I have an external device I plug in via USB 3 to my server to attach more storage. Streaming from this drive is very slow, whereas streaming from all other storages directly installed in the server works fast.

    So for testing purposes I would like to plug the slow storage on one of the sata plugs in my server. Is this possible without any problems from OMV side or is there a problem, when a storage OMV expected on SATA 5 but is now on SATA 1 plug, e.g.?

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  • I have done this twice - removed a Seagate USB 3 device already registered in OMV from its housing and inserted it into internal SATA port.

    All worked and I far as I could make out OMV didn't notice any difference.

    But - some of these drives are slow anyway due to SMR technology, you may not see much of a difference in speed.

    You'll likely invalidate the warranty also.

    Inwin MS04 case with 315 W PSU

    ASUS Prime H310i-Plus R2.0 board

    Two port PCI-E SATA card

    16GB Kingston DDR4

    Intel Pentium Coffee Lake G5400 CPU

    Samsung Evo M.2 256GB OS drive

    4x4TB WD Red NAS drives + 1x4TB + 1x5TB Seagate drives - MergerFS pool

    Seagate 5TB USB drives - SnapRAID parity x 2

  • Thank you.

    With external device I mean a separate box that I bought to store e.g. four drives in. The hard drive itself doesn't have a case, but is made to put it into a tower. So that's no problem. The bigger problem is probably, that's there's no warranty at all anymore, because I used this device to store all my raw cutting material (videos, pictures, sounds). Now I wanted to restructure and want to know, if I can buy these big storages (18 TB) in future.

    You seem to be right: Seagate Ironwolf Pro uses SMR https://www.seagate.com/de/de/products/cmr-smr-list/

    EDIT: Sorry, I misunderstood the list. Following the list all Ironwolf Pro are CMR. I oversaw the + at the end of the TB listing and thought, everything above was SMR.

    If I remember correctly I read in my computer magazine month ago, that many manufacturers are not really transparent regarding CMR and SMR or mix it up and you may be lucky to get CMR or unlucky to get SMR.

    EDIT: I now read this was WD, not all manufacturers

    If SMR is the cause of my problem, I at least know in the future and I can use the 18 TB Ironwolf Pro as my redundant drive, where it doesn't matter, how fast it is.

    Thanks and kind regards,


    Kind regards,


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