Clean Install of latest OMV7 hangs during install

  • Hi all,

    Attempting to install OMV7 clean and I keep running into hangs and problems during the network phase.

    Attempt using WiFi, constantly get it can't exchange keys.

    If I do enter SSID manually, then no issue and can progress to IPv6 DHCP and it gets to 100% then bluescreen with white strip and nothing.

    If using ethernet, goes all the way to configuring IPv6 DHCP and then the install hangs, same as above.

    I've left the screen for half hour and no progress at all, nothing on the USB led to indicate any activity.

    Only option is to ctrl+alt+delete.

    I'm going to try with ethernet unplugged, or skipping, see what happens.

    But there appears to be an issue of some description.

  • I've seen this, there's something about IPv6. When I looked this up I found referenced to an old bug. Anyway, Hit Cancel during the "detect local link" step which is right before IPv6 DHCP. This will skip the IPv6 stuff and continue on with just IPv4.

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