external backup disk problem after falling to the ground

  • yesterday I lost my external backup disk and now in the SMART status it tells me that there are errors... can anyone help me please I attach logs info on external disk


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    You've got what appears to be a problem.

    197 Current_Pending_Sector -O--CK 100 100 000 - 1488

    The following are SMART stat's that are associated with future drive failure.

    SMART 5 – Reallocated_Sector_Count.

    SMART 187 – Reported_Uncorrectable_Errors.

    SMART 188 – Command_Timeout.

    SMART 197 – Current_Pending_Sector_Count.

    SMART 198 – Offline_Uncorrectable.

    So what happened when the drive was dropped. Was it still spinning?

    You might consider running a LONG SMART test.

  • Ug, if the disk was spinning when dropped it is probably toast. If it was parked you may have a chance.

    A sudden jolt, g-force or contact on a spinning disk can damage the physical platters or delicate heads of the disk,

    Is it making any out of the ordinary, grinding, clicking or buzzing noises?

    if the heads not damaged you may be able to recover most data not damaged at the physical part of the disk.

    If it is critical data that is on the disk that you have to recover you could try some of the recovery software's out there but

    I have only tried that long ago. Data recovery services are very expensive but is an option and that is not guaranteed that you

    can recover any of your data.

  • he was turning

  • it was OMV's external backup disk with all the data inside

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    what can I do ??

    As noted below:

    You might consider running a LONG SMART test.

    When the test is done, post the results of the test and SMART stats. (Note that SMART stats may change after a LONG test.)

  • You still didn't give any information asked.

    Was it spinning when dropped, try it on another system and do a long-test and post results.

    I have had success with DiskGenius on a Windows PC recovering and repairing.

    May be worth a shot.

  • Is it making any noises clicking or buzzing?

    If it is critical data that must be recovered, don't power it on any more, if heads crashed you'll only damage it more.

    I just watched a YT video yesterday of that very thing.

    I don't think I can post link here but go to YT and search for "Don't Waste $1000 on data recovery" on Linus Tech Tips I believe.

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