5.6.26-1 Usul to OMV 6 then OMV 7 hopefully been ages since I messed with this

  • I cant figure this out have read dozens of posts on this forum there is something messed up it says it upgrades then I
    root@<<serverr name>:~# sudo reboot
    and it is still 5.6.26-1 Usul

    Headless server on static IP

    Intel Celeron D 3.33Ghz
    3 Drives
    20GB OS Drive

    5.6.26-1 Usul

    Xpocalypse NOW I love smell of OS in the morning, Smells like 01110110011010010110001101110100011011110111001001111001
    Linux user since January 14, 2014
    I can look up things on the internet!

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