SFTP connect on Samsung My files

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    I've been messing around for two days, I decided to write a solution, maybe it will help someone

    Maybe someone will improve this instruction or give advice.

    how to set up an SFTP server in the standard Samsung explorer "My files" - "Network storage"

    if it's not there or it's not needed here, I won't be offended by deleting the topic.

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    1) Install the "UserLANd" application (Linux emulator) on your phone (or Termux)

    2) Select the Debian repository.

    3) After reaching the command line, update the repository:

    sudo apt update 

    4) Install OpenSSH to generate keys:

    sudo apt install openssh-server

    5) Generate the key in ECDSA format: (this is the only format in which the private key works in My files)

    ssh-keygen -t ecdsa -b 521 -m PEM -f /Documents/phoneKey

    I couldn't get the private key with the password to work on one phone

    Keep that in mind! if you are doing everything correctly but nothing works, create a private key without a password (namely, create it again, because simply deleting the password from the hidden key does not work)

    6) Go to the Documents folder:

    cd Documents

    cd.. - transition to the upper level.

    ls -alh — view folders and files in the folder where we are currently located.

    pwd — to see which folder we are currently in.

    9) Conversion to OpenSSH for OMV:

    ssh-keygen -e -f Documents/phoneKey.pub

    10) Copy the key, paste it into the user's public key in OMV.


    11) if you have the "Rsyslog" (Enable syslog logging) check mark in the SFTP plugin settings

    - You will have a folder "/dev" with the file "log" (what is "rsyslog" for? read on the Internet)

    to remove this folder:

    * you need to disable "rsyslog" in the plugin settings

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