Howto downgrade to stable OMV - Debian Wheezy

  • Downgrade to Debian Wheezy Stable 7.x
    With this Guide you can downgrade to the stable version of Debian Wheezy, if you enabled a wrong repository with newer packages and getting errors installing something new.

    1. Disable all custom Repositories
    Make sure, you disabled/deleted any custom repositories in "OMV-Extras":

    2. Apt-Pin Packages
    Now we have to use the Apt-Pinning feature to get the correct default release tag for our apt downgrade
    Modify or create the file /etc/apt/preferences and put following text in it:

    nano /etc/apt/preferences

    copy and paste Shift+Insert the following text

    Package: *
    Pin: release a=stable
    Pin-Priority: 1001

    Hit Ctrl+O to save and Ctrl+X to exit

    3. Update and upgrade (downgrade) Packages:
    run these commands on the CLI:

    apt-get update
    apt-get upgrade
    apt-get dist-upgrade

    Apt will ask you for downgrading all packages now.
    Just say yes, let it go and pray that all packages getting installed and downgraded properly!

    4. optional: Install failing packages again
    If some packages failing on downgrade you have to purge them by doing:

    apt-get purge yourfailingpackage

    and reinstall them with

    apt-get install yourfailingpackage

    after purging it.

    You are on stable Debian Wheezy now!

    Questions / Problems / Diskussions
    Feel free to create a thread HERE.

    Thx to Jules from for the original Guide

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