Digital Devices Cine CT Cable Ter. TV KartePCIe (V6) Driver install

  • Hi can anybody help me to install this tv Card? Digital Devices Cine CT Cable Ter. TV KartePCIe (V6)
    When i use this Instruction:…_Digital_Devices_Produkte

    i became ´this failure:

  • apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)

    Then try again.


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  • Heey Guys,

    Great to find this info. I ran into the same problem. So thanks David!

    Have you guys also found an issue that while scanning an error was received and the scan stopped giving output (the scan kept running in the background) ? I also have this card and with almost all times i tried using VDR it doenst fin any channels. TVheadend always works and finds channels.

    Has anyone had this ? And found a solution ?

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