RTNETLINK problem after insert some parameters in editing physical interface.

  • Hi all,

    After chaging my furniture and unplug cables I lost my 1GB connection. I have not solved my problem yet but I got one greater. :/
    I added some extra values in field option when I tried to revocover 1GB network connection. Now I only get my network address when I type:

    dhclient eth0

    Also when I restart network or I started up the system I get:

    Configuring network interfaces...RTNETLINK answers: File exists
    Failed to bring up lo.

    Could anyone help me on that? :thumbup:

    PS. Thanks Volker for the marvelous system. 2 year in a row no great problem so far

  • What exactly did you add? It would be helpful, if you provide us as much info as possible

    and show the output of cat /etc/network/interfaces

  • Here is the output for cat /etc/network/interfaces

    Tks. :thumbsup:

  • Watch your system boot. What does it say when it trys to bring up your network?


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