Where I can get 1.13 ?

  • OMV 1.12

    On the OMV blog I found that OMV 1.13 is available.

    Tried to install it with the Update Manager, but there are no updates ? ? ?

    Also tried "check" yeterday and today.

    No problems in the past.

  • I kind of have the same question but regarding the download section to set up a server from a fresh install. I don't want to start a new thread for nothing because it might only be a way that things are dealt with that I'm not used to.

    The OMV that is available on SourceForge is called "openmediavault_1.9_amd64". Is it the correct version? Should it be "openmediavault_1.13_amd64" or "openmediavault_1.09_amd64" that I install and then update to the 1.13.

    Thank you

  • Guys, how do you count? 01, 02, 03...09, 10? Or do you count 1, 2,...9, 10?


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