ZFS - are there maintenance tools like DOS' chkdsk or similar?

  • Hello,

    I'm new to OMV and discovered it while looking into FreeNAS. Great system and wonderful GUI! Love it.

    When setting up my first NAS disk array, I struggled to determine if I should go with EXT4 or ZFS. I went with ZFS because it seems like it had more redundancy baked in. I have a 6 disk x 2T system, so I'm getting approx 4 x 2T of space (7.2T space actually).

    Everything is working great so far. Are there any periodic tools & disk checks I can use to verify that things are running on a weekly or monthly basis? SMART is enabled on all disks.


  • Thanks! That's what I was looking for. It looks like there's no automated way to set this up from OMV. Or is there? I'm familiar with setting up CRON jobs, so that would be easy enough to do. :)

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