New Xeon E5 mini ITX mobo

  • I mean, look at the board, there is NO FREE SPACE.
    I find this beautiful.

    I wonder if they couldn't have used a mini-sas port to run most Sata connctions so they could have crammed something like 6 or 8 Sata in there. With 8 ports it would have totally rocked.
    4 ports? meh.
    This board is aimed for some kind of high-computing low-form-factor system.

    the ram is a tough choice but a necessary one. That PCB is FULL, there is no space for long dimm slots, so it cannot mount Registered ram, it needs 4 slots or it's going to be bottlenecked by low ram (I assume that if you take an e5 you need porcessing power).
    Price is quite frankly irrelevant. If I was on a budget, I'd NEVER buy an E5 v3 anyway (because used registered DDR3 is cheep now, relatively speaking).
    Point is, where do I buy ram for this? Not yet on sale afaik.

    Still, good to see that Asrock is innovative, this baby is going to be very loved by many. Like their micro-atx E5 board

  • I agree, memory would be very expensive I believe. And one more problem I just thought of, about heat dissipation, as most of Xeon E5 processors are pretty high TDP, not really good if everything have to be squeezed into a small box.

  • Heat is not a major issue, watercooling or downright immersion cooling with mineral oil (for high density very pro datacenter setups).
    Highest TDP of xeon e5 is something like 140 watt I think, many are less than 100 watt.

    Most mini-itx cases like say the bitfenix prodigy mini itx can fit a H100 on top, so I don't think heat will be a major issue.

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