At least 2 Disk Failed in RAID5. HELP!

  • So, I have a 7 disk array in RAID5. One of those was a hot spare. I had a disk fail. When I went to remove it from the array, the array did not rebuild itself as I had a failed spare as well. I turned the NAS off and went through until I had found the correct drives that needed to be replaced. I made sure everything was back in place and rebooted. One of my good disks was not detected in the reboot, and so the RAID array was not there. I shut it back down and reconnected everything once again. All of my disks are being read now, including the two failed drives. Can I be helped when my extra drive comes in? Or did I basically have a 3 disk failure in RAID5 and all hope is lost? I don't have a backup.. ;(

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