WebGUI crasheed after a power failure

  • Hello,

    I have a 1.19 OMV. After a quick power failure, the webgui not working correctly. The login page is right top aligned, and after logged in, the all page is fragmented. A lots of function not working. I can reach the server via SSH and extplorer.
    The omv-firstaid configure webgui not helped. Can i reisntall the gui?
    Its not installed apache or anyting else, just extplorer. I try to restart nginx.

    Thanks for answer.

    Best Regards:

  • Hello tekkb,

    Thank you for answer.
    I try it, but no effect. The webgui is fragmented. I restarted the server too, but not helped.
    I try both http and https. No luck.
    Any other suggestion?

  • Upgrades might help but it's not good once you have corruption. I always recommend battery backup, especially if you're using RAID.

    You can try:
    apt-get upgrade

    But I recommend reinstall.

  • The upgrade not helped. There is a battery backup, but one of my friend unfortunatley unplug the machine. :)
    Thanks, i will reinstall it. Can you tell me how i can create a backup config? Or point some howto?

  • The best way to backup the system drive is to make an image with Clonezilla. You can do this with the backup plugin. It downloads a Clonezilla ISO and can do a one time boot to the ISO to make the backup. You want to have a backup folder in the root of one of your data drives. Then you can put your system drive image in there. To restore you will need to use an ISO burnt to disk though.

  • Hello,

    I reinstall it, but i need to know what is wrong. :) Just curiosity.
    I copied the usb and i use a same HW to test it. So i make picture at the login page, and the logged admin page too. As you can see, its under private mode. I try other computer, and other browser too. The result is same.
    If anyone has an idea, please share.

    So, there is what i doing so far:
    update-upgrade and restart
    check the apache is running. -> not exist this package, so not running
    the extploler plugin web gui is working propertly
    apt-get --reinstall install openmediavault (renamed the /var/www/openmediavault folder to see the effect, its ok)
    omv-firstaid configure webgui

    (my guess, the PHP or any other package is corrupted, but which one?)

    Regards: Norbert

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