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    I added it a year ago -…cdb5127a58cccc19974af6b7e

    All you have to do click install Docker again. This will update the drive list and docker-compose.

    Oh cool! Sorry about missing that. I did start to poke around the plugin source code to see if I could find it, but I haven't really had enough free time to hunt it down. I regularly reinstall Portainer (since trying to do a container upgrade through the UI does not seem to work), but I don't think I've touched Docker since when I first installed it.

    That's probably the reason we've seen less and less of this problem. Honestly wasn't aware you'd made an effort to resolve that.

    It seems as though good development work always goes on without notice. It's only when there's a problem that everyone starts to pay attention!

    Oh I have no doubt what he said worked... that wasn't the question. Even he mentioned though there's a limitation as it's not going to auto update if drives are removed/added... the delay script doesn't have that limitation.

    Ah! Alright. Got it. I do not often add or remove drives, so I'll leave it as it is for now and wait for ryecoaaron to chime in. It would be nice if this change would get added to the omv-extras plugin. Even though the timeout script is the most stable for now, it would be nice to use the drive approach since I would think that it's technically the way you'd want to go about it.


    I'd never seen that solution, I always just suggested the delay script you posted a couple years ago (and have always heard back that it worked perfectly). I'm assuming this would work fine, but I think the delay script might be a more permanent solution given it doesn't self update... Especially since we are talking Pi's and other SBC's which may have drives getting moved around, etc.

    Choices... 1 isn't enough, 2 is to many... :)

    I made this change and it worked! I don't quite understand what the implications are to deleting the files that ryecoaaron mentions in his post though. I assume that the change was never integrated into OMV-extras though.

    Hello all,

    I am using server external USB hard drives on my OMV server, and have several Docker containers that mount various directories stored on the drives. The problem is that when I boot the server, the containers often start before the drives are mounted. Is there any way that I can force the Docker service to wait for the mounting to complete before starting?

    I can't replicate this at all. I am able to start and stop it with systemctl and /etc/init.d/

    Here's what I see:

    I'm not really sure what to do at this point. I'm considering doing a good old kill -KILL <pid>, but at the same time, I am not sure that's a good idea.

    Update: I decided to give it a shot and used `kill` as I mentioned above. It worked.

    If you are determining that it is still running by the services green indicator then that is deceiving. /etc/init.d/proftpd status is the most accurate method or grep the output of ps.

    It still shows as running using these two commands as well. It's the unkillable service.

    I added a new directory to my FTP server configuration, but it is not displaying when I log in even though the permissions are set properly. I thought I might be able to fix this by stopping and restarting the proftpd service, but I seem to have a strange issue with being unable to actually stop the service. When I disable FTP through the web UI, I can still log in to the FTP server. I also tried service proftpd stop but was still able to log in. What can I do about this?

    Omv 5 is still in beta due to the facts that bugs still can appear. Try to report that issue here in the forum at the dev threads or at the development areas (github etc.)

    I would try to go back to the previous version where everything was working fine - I hope you did a backup of the system before upgrading to OMV 5 beta and come back if the usb disconnect issue is gone.

    I was having this issue on OMV 4 as well though so I don't think it's tied to OMV 5 being a beta.

    Ditto issue on mine. Waiting for an answer.
    From my observation, the unmount happens when multiple users are writing to the disk.

    The disk that is unmounting on my system is not accessible to multiple users. The only way it is ever accessed is by rsync once every 24 hours to back up changes that were made on another disk. The unmounting is inconsistent as well. Sometimes I have to remount it several times a day, while other times it will go several days before unmounting again.

    Until I can find a real solution to this problem, my current workaround was to set a scheduled job to run a mount command on the drive once every hour.

    Maybe an issue with the cable? Do you see the same symptoms when you unplug the cable and plug it in again?

    Are you using USB3? If so, check if the same happens with a USB2 cable.

    I checked the cable yesterday (the first time I touched any of the hardware since setting it up) and it hasn't unmounted since then. Hopefully that's enough for the problem to be solved. I am not confident enough to say that it won't happen again just yet though.

    In the last week, one of my 4 external USB drives has started randomly unmounting as well, and I am not sure what to do about it. The disk in question serves as a backup disk to another disk using rsync. At least once a day, I have to log in to OMV and manually remount it. I did recently upgrade from OMV 4 to OMV 5, but I do not believe that this has anything to do with the problem, as this started happening after upgrading to OMV 4.1.30 before I jumped to OMV 5.

    Prior to this, I had my server up for a long time (294 days, to be exact) and the unmounting issue had not occurred at all with in that time. The disk's SMART tests are passing and I don't hear anything physically wrong with the disk when listening to it, so I am reasonably sure that there is no problem with the disk itself. What's going on? Is there anything I can do to stop this?