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    Not OP,but I'm having the same issue:

    Post the output of each of the following commands in a code box. You create a code box with the </> icon in the menu on top of a new post.

    systemctl start docker.service
    systemctl status socker.service
    journalctl -xe

    There was an option in the Samba plug-in, not sure if in the general settings or in the option of the single share.

    I also found this:


    On a Samba share (Unix implementation of SMB/network share protocol) you will also need these additional steps, because by default Samba do not store folder attributes.

    1. First make sure Samba stores DOS-style permissions (like "read only"), by adding this line on your share definition (/etc/samba/smb.conf):
      store dos attributes = yes
    2. Restart Samba (sudo service samba restart)

    I think the option was to enable DOS-style permissions

    Hi everyone,

    with OMV5 I changed the icon of some folder on Windows. In the SMB share there was a settings to let it show custom icon.

    After upgrading the folders all have the default icon and I can't find the setting to enable custom folder in OMV6.

    Do you know how can I enable them again? :(

    UPDATE: solver by updating folderico from 6.1 to 7.0.

    I also noticed that the pool is still avaible from windows, even if it's not the file system tab:

    Sorry to disturb so soon but after the upgrade I got this error:

    I went into the new OMV webUI and in mergeFS I had nothing.

    It's not an issue if I have to create manually a new pool, but I fear that there might some dirt in the system. Do i need to check anything in particular?

    After the update i didn't touch anything, in the webui I have a pending configuration change but I was waiting before give an ok.


    You don't have to do anything. The upgrade process should install openmediavault-mergerfs, migrate your unionfilesystems pool (which is mergerfs too), and remove unionfilesystems.

    Thanks! From the post I didn't have clear if I had to it manually.

    Also thanks again for the diskstats answer :)


    I wanted to upgrade from OMV6 but this line is stopping me:


    openmediavault-unionfilesystems - moving to openmediavault-mergerfs - done

    I'm currently using unionfilesystems so that I can see my two disks as unique one.

    Before upgrading I need to uninstall it? If yes, do I need to do anything?

    Also, what about diskstats? I can't see it in the list

    Hi everyone,

    before upgrading to OMV6 I want to return to the stable debian kernel. I switch to proxmox because I wanted to use ZFS but in the end I'm not using anymore.

    The issue is that I removed all the Debian kernel a while ago.

    How can I install the latest debian kernel?

    I'll then delete the proxmox kernels using this:

    apt-get purge pve-kernel* pve-headers*

    I agree that the sticking the post in the blog wouldn't solve much. I think it would be better to push a small update on OMV that will prompt the user with a warning "this version is EOL, it will keep working but it won't recieve any new update" or something like that.

    I would also add a link to the wiki page for the upgrade just in case.