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    Please note I have played a lot with hd-idle and you should not use the original version, it's garbage and stops working after some time if you put your server in standby.

    I installed it with a simple command: apt install hd-idle

    Would this version be a garbage that should not be used?

    It works perfectly for me so far. I am forced to use it since I installed OMV5, because the spin-down hasn’t worked.

    To set individual spin-down times for HDDs, first reset times to 0 and then can set different times.

    Example: hd-idle -i 0 -a sda -i 1800 -a sdb -i 3600

    I hope it works.

    Not trying to be harsh but I haven't worked on the plugin in over two years...

    No, you were not rude at all to me, just honest. I just wanted to know whether it is worth the wait. I'm sorry for my writing is equivocal.
    My friend (Google) who helps me with translation, doesn't know my mother tongue well. So, sometimes my thoughts are not exactly described. :thumbsup:

    I have a similar problem with the Plex plugin and the same error message.
    Something may have happened to the plugin recently.
    Plex may have changed something.

    It might help: the /etc/default/plexmediaserver environment file is not created.

    - clean omv install
    - install plugin openvpn first time
    - plugin creats /etc/openvpn folder
    - enable plugin
    - creates /openvpn/pki subfolder to store settings
    - uninstall plugin
    - remove /etc/openvpn (by user or other program)
    - reinstall plugin openvpn
    - plugin does not create /etc/openvpn folder
    - does not notify user - no message
    - enable plugin
    - error thrown when you click apply "mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/etc/openvpn/pki"
    - tries to create the pki subfolder, but it is unable to (openvpn folder is missing)

    Solution I think:
    - to create /etc/openvpn folder by user -> I did this and Openvpn works fine again. But this is not a real solution.
    - to delete info that shows for plugin this is not the first installation.
    So plugin creates the folder again if it is missing.

    I've made some OMV installations and now I know what's wrong with the plugin. (Normal PC based computer (HP Micro server), not a single board computer.)
    The plugin creates /etc/openvpn folder at the first installation and creates the /pki folder at enabling.
    Once the plugin is removed, will not create the /etc/openvpn folder next time when you reinstall it.
    If the folder is missing, plugin does not warn you and in this way it is not able to create the pki folder at enabling.
    Then we get that error message. This is not caused by version 4.0.2, indeed.

    The previous version is the same and this is why installing did not help.

    If I manually create /etc/openvpn folder, the plugin can be installed again without any problems.

    The latest version of the OpenVPN plugin (4.0.2) cannot be enabled.
    The following error always stops enabling:

    Failed to execute command 'export PATH=/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin; export LANG=C.UTF-8; omv-mkconf openvpn setup 2>&1' with exit code '1': mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/etc/openvpn/pki’: No such file or directory

    Please, fix it. The previous version (4.0.1) had no such problem.