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    Hi folks,

    I experienced some problems with the Transmission bittorent plugin running on Arrakis 4.1.36-1 (torrents would stay 'red' for a long time and never actually start downloading), and after some restarts and reading I decided to reinstall the plugin to resolve it.

    However after uninstalling it the plugin is no longer visible (or maybe even available) for reinstall. Why is this? I would like to avoid a Docker-based solution, as the plugin has been working satisfactorly for several years until now. I have the omv-extras repo activated if that is any help.

    Grateful for pointers/Evert

    Same here: syslog is full of

    rrdcached plugin: Failed to connect to RRDCacheD at unix:/var/run/rrdcached.sock: Unable to connect to rrdcached: No such file or directory (status=2)

    Thus I ran omv-firstaid (command line) and chose 'Check RRD database'. This gives:

    Checking all RRD files. Please wait ...

    State file '/var/lib/monit/state': Unable to truncate

    All RRD database files are valid.

    'rrdcached' start: '/bin/systemctl start rrdcached'

    'rrdcached' failed to start (exit status 0) -- no output

    ERROR: Command '['monit', 'start', 'rrdcached']' returned non-zero exit status 1

    root@nas11:~# 'rrdcached' start: '/bin/systemctl start rrdcached'

    root@nas11:~# 'rrdcached' failed to start (exit status 0) -- no output

    This is on OMV 4.1.35-1 (Arrakis)

    Any clues how to get rid of this?


    Then through ssh omv-firstaid from there you can reconfigure webui


    I had the same problem after upgrading today (2017-05-20), and was able to fix it using the 'omv-firstaid' tool (command line), and then choosing option 2: 'Configure web control panel'. There I reset the http port to 80, and the web GUI was accessible agin.



    Plex worked until recently without problem, but now (presumably after an update) it fails to play movies or tv shows, while music files work fine. In a web browser, after starting a movie, the cursor keeps spinning, followed by 'There was problem playing this item. Skipping in 5 seconds'.

    I have changed the transcoder temporary folder to /tmp, where plex has read/write access. The disk has 97 Gb free space.

    My setup:

    OMV 3.0.67 (Erasmus)
    Plex Media Server plugin 3.8.1

    Any clues? I can send log files on request but don't know which specifically.


    Well, I managed to solve the problem, simply by creating the missing Library file that was referring to the old HDD volume:

    mkdir /media/62fc7163-7f94-4f5c-bf5b-0bad53d42501/plexmediaserver/Library

    After this I could through the GUI install the Plex plugin, and then assign a new Database volume under the Plex plugin settings, pointing to the new HDD. This automatically moves the Database Folder to the new Database Volume (i.e. the new HDD). After this it was smooth sailing, just by reconfiguring the media libraries through the Plex web GUI.

    Hopefully this will help others with a similar problem.


    On the command line I see that the installation fails because of a folder that is missing:

    This is referring to my old HDD, the one that I replaced. Where is this folder specified (some config file?), and how can I get rid of it or change it in order for the installation to succeed?

    Any tips appreciated!


    Hi James,

    I have exactly the same problem. I had a fully operational Erasmus-based system with Plex running, but the HDD with my multimedia data crashed. So I removed all references to this drive and all plugins using data on this drive, including Plex. Then exchanged the broken HDD, copied the multimedia data back from my USB backup (the OMV system is installed on a separate SSD so that was still running as it should). Then I activated the Plex repo and installed the Plex plugin, and I get the same output as you have posted.

    When attempting to install command line (as root) I get the following:

    Grateful for any pointers that can help me fix this in order to avoid a complete reinstall!Thanks/Evert