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    Hi Wolf2000,

    thanks for your help.

    One question on that.

    My External-USB-Drives are handled in OMV like my internal main drives. That means they are registered in omv, they have mounted filesystems and they have shared folders to use rsync.

    So if i turn them off partially, like you suggested, OMV will not get confused, like suddenly the drives are no longer avail in omv?

    Just a little concern i have about this.

    thanks and regards :)


    Hey guys,

    i have 3 USB backup drives connected to my OMV.

    Until now, all my usb-backup-drives do continously run, but i only use them once a week for rsync backups of the main drives in my omv.

    How can i setup them, so they only start shortly before the rsync and spin down shortly after it.

    i hope to extend their livespan with this.

    thanks and best regards :)


    Hi guys,

    thanks for all your input.

    At the moment i do not wanna shuck the drive, as it works just fine, but the OMV error message about SMART.

    i just hoped, there would be some settings in Debian so the issue could be resolved like in #1

    best regards


    Hi geaves,

    thanks for the link.

    On that site it says, that WD Elements 8TB is supported.

    VID: 1058, PID: 25A3WD Elements 8 TBYes Yes5.40

    Now i am completely lost.

    So it supports SMART over USB, but Debian is unable to detect it?

    So is it a software issue in Debian?



    thanks again for your input.

    That shucking video is great.

    I just thought, there would be another possibility like putting the HD data into /etc/modprobe.d/usb-storage-quirks.conf.

    @OO (#7): did you have to do anything special to get the infos in OMV6 out of your WD drive?

    best regards


    HI guys,

    i got an SMART issue with my new WD 8TB Elements USB drive on OMV6

    I already did this with the specific data for the drive.

    echo "options usb-storage quirks=0bc2:231a:u,0bc2:2322:u,0bc2:2321:u" >> /etc/modprobe.d/usb-storage-quirks.conf
    update-initramfs -u

    but unfortunately i still get this error

    Can anyone help me out?

    regards and thank you so much :)



    one other question:

    Saw today, that memtest86+ has released the 6.0 version.

    How can i update to the 6.0 version, so that also grub is pointing to the new version?

    Is it just again, what i did to install 5.x?

    First in grub i selected system recovery of the current kernel.

    when the recovery had started up i installed the memtest86+ via

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get -y install memtest86+




    exchanged the defective RAM with my old 2GB one and the old one ran for 4hrs without issue.

    So the board and the cpu seem to be fine.

    Now just have to find a replacement RAM.

    thanks for all your help. very appreciated.




    just wanted to let you know, how i got it installed and what´s the result (which is bad i guess...)

    First in grub i selected system recovery of the current kernel.

    when the recovery had started up i installed the memtest86+ via

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get -y install memtest86+

    That worked well. Now i can select memtest in grub.

    But now the bad result:

    this is the outcome after 3hrs running memtest86+.

    i guess, i have a memory issue. Trying at the moment, to verify if it is a memory or a mainboard issue by exchange of the defective ram to a different ram, which i know worked in my old mainboard.

    fingers crossed.


    I went as root to /boot

    Memtest86.bin is there.

    But how can i start it?

    When i do ./Memtest86.bin

    I get permission denied.

    Edit: saw your comment: so will just try to install the package


    i got an hardware update to my nas (Acer H 341 to H342 with a D510 instead of D410 intel processor and 4GB Ram instead of 2GB).

    I just put my old system HD into the new system and it booted well to H342..

    But now the issues started:

    1. I wanted to copy my internal data drives via MC to my external USB Backup drives for backup. But after some hours the systems hangs or reboots sometimes. Not always. .

    2. so i thought about issues with the network, which i could resolve already.

    3. Now ithink, it could be the ram.

    4. I entered "system resuce" from grub, but i am unable to find xmem86 in the x window.

    any help how to run memtest86 would be highly appreciated.



    Hi guys,

    i ran into a issue after installing the latest upgrade to

    So i startet it from the GUI, then the errormessage below appeared.

    i tried it twice, after the first time also accepting pending config-changes (yellow line on top).

    After the second failure i klicked on the "turn-back" at the yellow line and did a restart of the server.

    Afterwards i checked and it runs on

    So can anybody tell me what went wrong and if i have to manually correct anything.

    I can send any logs you guys need, just tell me what to add here.

    thank you and cheers :)