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    if i try to connect


    i can get your OMV so i just wondering, cause, your omv will listen to port 80 for http if you haven't change it, and your config say you forward port 80 extern to port 81 in your network - and on 81 in your network is the letsencrypt listen container listen to - so: if i try to connect i have to reach your letsencrypt proxy OR have to get an error like page not available.

    don't know your router, but dobblecheck the settings, maybe reboot it and recheck the settings - for me it looks like that letsencrypt can't do the needed checks on http and https to verify your domain and sign your certificate.

    the sharefolder will work on the web GUI - nothing change here

    but in cli / terminal you are nomore able to use /sharefolder/blabla to access them. thats all

    in the OMV web GUI you still need the sharefolders and can use it.

    Alright - good news - this issue looks to be fixed in bpo.4!

    For some reason, after installing and rebooting, the bpo.3 kernel was selected by default and everything was broken again.

    BE SURE to change the kernel to bpo.4 in OMV Extras before rebooting after installing this new kernel.

    that sounds good, thx for your test

    will maybe try it later the day after homeoffice and will also report here.

    hi, since i searched my own way to go ... here again as How-To so everyone will find it easy ;)

    I will show you 2 Solutions to upgrade your Nextcloud in Docker, this one also depends on this guide.

    First of all for both Solutions: you have to upgrade your Dockerimage, i just go to portainer, klick on nextcloud, and select "Dublicate/Edit" button - make sure you have checked "Always pull the image" and click on Deploy the Container - that will download newest docker image if available and restart nextcloud.

    for my opinion - Solution 2 is the "better" but thats your choise.

    Solution 1:

    1. add (if not done) export port like 444 to the nextcloud 443 port

    2. remove the 2 lines from your config.php and restart nextcloud docker

    'overwritewebroot' => '/nextcloud',
    'overwrite.cli.url' => '',

    docker restart nextcloud

    3. connect to nextcloud via browser with


    4. run the update from the webgui

    5. readd the 2 lines from stepp 2 in config.php and restart docker


    (for me the "better" since i don't have to change files ...)

    1. ssh to host

    2. run

    docker exec -it nextcloud sudo -u abc php /config/www/nextcloud/updater/updater.phar

    say yes to update

    say no to occ upgrade (will not work the default way)

    keep maintenance mode if ask

    3. run

    docker exec -it nextcloud sudo -u abc php /config/www/nextcloud/occ upgrade

    4. run

    docker exec -it nextcloud sudo -u abc php /config/www/nextcloud/occ maintenance:mode --off

    5. connect to your nextcloud like you always do - done.

    keep playing!


    here you will see a screenshot of both, remotemount and file systems - all buttons disabled only "add" or "create" are activ

    OMG - find the trick :D

    at the end of the Remote Mount page is a littl refresh button - after hitting that little bastard the buttons edit delete and so on came up - so maybe it is possible to run that action atomated if the page is refreched by browser or just jumped into it with the menu?

    sometimes are the little things can drive you crazy - isn't it? :thumbsup:


    credentialsFile in /etc/ call it what ever you want to


    one Problem left:
    I can't remove the Remote Mount to my windows pc. Removed Rsync Jobs that used the PC, removed all Shared Folders that point to the Mount, but can't delete the Remote Mount entry - also cant Remove the File System entry.
    @ryecoaaron can you support me on that? thx ;)

    used umount -l /srv/.... so in File Systems it looks like "not mounted" also a ls to the /srv/ of that drive is empty - but still can't remove it.

    sure it would be possible and maybe "easyer" to push from windows to linux - but my intention is that the most work is on the nas - not the client - the network trafik and access to my datadrive will not interrupet me if i'm playing a game ;)

    will look at the weekend - i only need to ping the pc - mount the share, start rsync - when rsnyc is done - unmount the share - that should not be a big thing - but maybe someone have that already done ... ;)

    like i say in a other post, don't like to research the wheel every time i construckt a car ;)

    my case is just a pull from the windows share - and write to one of the internal omv disks.

    current setup:

    Remotemount to windows share lets call "PCDATA"
    Shared Folder "PCDATA" will use that Remotemount
    Shared Folder "BackupPC" on 2nd OMV Disk
    Rsync check every 2 hours if something new in PCDATA and copy it to "BackupPC"

    so, can i set a shared folder to that autofs entries to use it with rsync? and what will happend if the pc is offline ^^

    have you try what happens if you setup a rsync using one of your shares and the host is offline?

    can you access the omv web gui shared folder section and thinks like that?

    get me right, without that issue (like it was on omv3) I wouldn't care about it ;)

    and, don't know, you can maybe test it with windows smb share as well? (don't know your setup ;))

    but thx for that!


    in omv3 i just used remote mount to mount the data partition on my pc to get rsync working to "backup" my users folder.
    runs good, only "problem" if my windows host was down (on workingtime) i got sometimes a massage in omv web gui that some communication error happens - that was just because the remote mount wasn't available - but all other stuff worked - so it was ok for me ;)

    on omv5 its simular - but - i can't access File System or Shared Folders in webgui (and with the last, i can't change settings to any other plugin that need access to shared folders) until my wndows pc is startet. All Settings that are done will work, like FTP or SMB but i can't for example add a new SMB share.

    is there a way to setup remotemount that way, it will mount my pc share if it is online, and dismount it if the pc goes offline?
    anyway to use rsync to sync my users folder with remote setting of rsync?
    a other backup that runs on omv and is able to pull my files from the windows pc?


    €dit: my way to do the job
    get rid of old Remote Mount if not needed anymore

    got it

    memory_usage=`free | awk '/Mem/{printf("%.2f%"), $3/$2*100}'`
    memory_total=$(free -m | awk '/Mem/ {print $(2)}')
    swap_usage=`free | awk '/Swap/{printf("%.2f%"), $3/$2*100}'`
    swap_total=$(free -m | awk '/Swap/ {print $(2)}')

    are you sure new sharedflolders are created?

    i still have the entries in /sharedfolders that were added befor 5.3.3 but if i add a new share in web gui - that new share didn't appear in /sharedfolders/ - so what is "missing" is a cleanup - but new ones dosn't created if you set the config to no.