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    Can anyone help me out to setup a service for cloudcmd to start with machine startup?
    I found this link.
    I have followed but it is not successful.
    I have this cloudcmd.service created in /etc/systemd/system/

    Status error.

    Found a fix.
    Change the path to the cloudcmd.js.

    I have a weird observation with privilege & acl and I require assistance.

    I have created a shared folder, there I was presented with a few options. I have selected Admin R/W, User R/W and Others RO.
    I have created 1 user. I did not create any group. I did not assign any privilege.
    I have enabled SMB.

    Through windows network, I have login as the user into the OMV machine.
    I have found the shared folder and have copy-pasted a few types of files into it. (zip, txt, exe)

    Now here is the problem.
    I can open(read?) the zip and txt files directly from the shared folder.
    I can extract(write?) the zip file directly into the shared folder.
    I can save(write?) the txt file in the shared folder.
    I cannot run(execute?) the exe file directly from the shared folder.
    Why is there such behavior?
    Without user privilege I can still do some of the things above.
    I assume, the reason is because the user I have created is in the default "users" group and so it was given R/W when I have created the shared folder.
    But why can't I run the exe file?

    Then I gave the user R/W privilege on the shared folder.

    But I still cannot run the exe file.
    Can someone enlighten me please.

    Another question.
    What is the difference between the "users" under the User/Group permission and also the "users" in the group under the extra permission? I have highlighted them in yellow.

    I assume you mapped your SMB share drive in NC.

    Ensure the share folder's permission should be: 0755
    You can chown it to either root:users or your_user_name:users.

    No, actually I chose Local.
    The path I use is the path of the folder in the OMV. eg: /media/UUID/TestFolder
    This folder is created from OMV.

    Is this wrong?

    Does it work with HTTP?


    My NC is not open for access from the internet.
    It is only meant for local use to view files shared from OMV. (via NC plugin, I chose local storage)
    I somehow failed to access the shared folder.
    It says I don't have the permission.
    Anyone knows what can I do?

    Hello again,

    I noticed that you have updated the Step 5.
    I would like to report that it works now.
    I could reach the web installation wizard.

    At step 7, after I clicked on the Finish Setup, I can no longer access the site.
    The url somehow changed automatically to https and with error. It says ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR
    But in the nginx server configuration, I did not use ssl.
    I tried to access the site with http but no longer accessible. It says ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS
    I checked mysql database and I can see the nextcloud database has been created automatically.

    What should I do?
    Thank you.

    Yes, that is my OMV ip and the port I used.
    I have tried your suggestion earlier when I read the Nextcloud user manual.
    Assuming that my setup is all correct, I have tried all these but failed:
    a) (by following this guide by downloading the zip file, but I doubt this is correct since the manual says this is for web installer)
    b) (this is from the manual)
    All of the above gave me error 404
    This one gave me a text.
    f)downloaded the web installer page and add it to the root /media/uuid/www/nextcloud

    The mysql and nginx I have downloaded from the omv plugin.
    I only have 2 other plugins which are jdownloader and locate.

    Could someone please tell me how do I do a simple nginx test just to confirm that the plugin works?
    Thank you.


    I have followed the guide completely but failed.
    Can I confirm, this will be the folder structure? Because the unzip will create a folder called nextcloud.
    When I run I got error 404 Not Found nginx/1.6.2.
    This is the NGINX error log: FastCGI sent in stderr: "Primary script unknown" while reading response header from upstream
    Not sure if this is the cause but I have searched for the "setup-nextcloud.php" file by using the Locate plugin, but it is not found. (I have clicked on Update first.)
    I have triple checked the guide and redo this in VM 2 times.
    I am running OMV 3.0.62.

    Can you please guide me?
    Thank you.