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    I'm building similar server (migrating from UNRAID). If you need Proxmox virtualization, better install OMV or Debian Jessie (and then OMV from repository) on bare metal and install over it Proxmox from repository. Then you will have NAS+Proxmox with easy web GUI management.

    If running status is checked by exit code of systemctl is-active service, then exit code "unknown" may cause that behavior. Maybe it is better to parse the output of systemctl status service, because of correct output of status - Active: inactive (dead) or Active: active (running).

    Except version all screenshots made immediately after installation from OMV 3.0.x ISO and first login in OMV Web UI (not by installation OMV on top of Debian Jessie).

    Enabled/disabled is based on the enabled field in the internal Omv db field(1 or 0). Running Or not running is based on the exit code reported by systemctl or service (old wheezy) command. So a service can be running and enabled (because of package install, like samba) and look disabled (in the db, thus the ui).
    This was common in Omv installs on top of Debian a few releases ago. I think is now fixed, otherwise as @hoppel118 suggests just click enable save-apply then disable save-apply again.

    I'm testing OMV 3.x before migrating from my OLD NAS to OMV3. Installed every version from 3.0.2 to 3.0.74 from…mediavault/files/3.0beta/ and upgraded to but only one version (3.0.2) shows correctly running services on WebUI Dashboard.

    You must use filename theme-custom.css and not omv-custom.css. I've just tried your css and it works in both themes (gray and triton).

    gray theme is working on mine now, and for my screen is much better, but the omv-custom.css doesnt seem to be working, my customisations are not working since reverting

    .login-page {
    background: #000000;
    div#header {
    display: none;

    i have cleared my cache etc..