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    You have an file "openmediafault.list", this can't be right. It's openmediavault with a "v" not with an "f".

    Think you can delete the file with an "f"

    You run the wrong image/tag. Think you’ve to use the arm64 tag for the RPi4.

    For the port you can use -p 81:80 or something else (-p xx:80)

    Hello, I have installed an Openmediavault 5 on my Raspberry Pi and everything works fine so far. Now I want to copy my important data to a second HDD every 15 minutes. I have created a job under RSync to do this and when I start it manually everything works. However, the job does not start alone every 15 minutes. Does anyone have any idea what I can do !?

    Post a screenshot from your settings.

    A yeah sorry is omv-confdbadm

    votdev should you maybe include a db maintain task (postinst or cron or other) to clean the db from duplicate entries or entries that are suppose to only exist once.

    I did it with read instead of show, the result is now (after I removed the two entry's as mentioned before):

    sudo omv-confdbadm read conf.system.notification.notification
    [{"uuid": "c1cd54af-660d-4311-8e21-2a19420355bb", "id": "monitprocevents", "enable": true}, {"uuid": "8deb96bd-10d6-4eb8-9e3d-0938f2bcbb30", "id": "monitloadavg", "enable": false}, {"uuid": "03dc067d-1310-45b5-899f-b471a0ae9233", "id": "monitmemoryusage", "enable": true}, {"uuid": "fbf7973e-57a6-4c4a-8b7d-353653b596a5", "id": "monitcpuusage", "enable": true}, {"uuid": "d1ce47d1-d8d5-4f43-9f5c-36a30d818734", "id": "monitfilesystems", "enable": true}, {"uuid": "9be77408-d896-4bf5-9a4f-1adcc16381ec", "id": "mdadm", "enable": true}, {"uuid": "bd784490-a15c-47a9-9930-9f5897804654", "id": "smartmontools", "enable": true}, {"uuid": "394cd565-e463-4094-a6ab-12e80270e9b4", "id": "cronapt", "enable": true}]

    I've got three entry's in the xml (see below). I removed the last two and now I can apply the new settings.

    But I haven't any clue what I've removed now :(

    When running omv-confadm show conf.system.notification.notification i've got an error:

    -bash: omv-confadm: command not found.

    I disagree,

    On a new system or when somethings wrong I remove the Plex container and run my docker-compose file.

    Within a minute or two everything's running again and streaming perfectly.

    There must be problem with your setup I think.

    I've got the next error when applying changes in the notification tab.



    Excellent! I thought the part after the : had to be fixed folder name for plex... that's easy then

    Whats the easiest way to make those updates in my container config using portainer?

    I think you've to click on your container in "Containers", then duplicate/edit, now you can modify your settings and afterwards deploy again.

    I don't know. I personally point just to one folder which contains different types of media.

    In your case the volume would be: - /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Vol0/:/media. In Plex you can make a library TV-shows where you can point to multiple folders.

    You can add /media/TV_Shows and /media/OLD_Shows.

    In the docker-compose file you've to put only one volume.


    - /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Vol0/TV_Shows/:/tv

    - /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Vol0/OLD_Shows/:/tv_OLD

    is also an option I think

    Thank you. I thought about this previously and saw it in a different thread. I don't understand the syntax for the volumes. How do specify the Plex library and the path in the same line? is it


    Thats correct.

    When you browse in Plex you find the folder tv, this points to the folder /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Vo10/TV_Shows/ on your NAS

    As geaves already wrote, you can use the stack window in portainer and put the next compose-file in the web editor window and modify to your needs:

    When deploying the stack, the container should run in a few minutes (not hours).