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    this one in case you have one address with multiple under address

    This is my configuration for nginx and proxmox, but i use https, inside nginx you use letsencrypt certificate? and on router you open the port 80 and 443 with ip port of your OMV machine?

    I don't know your hardware or use case. I run OMV as a vm under proxmox. This way keeps OMV stock.

    If you want to use zfs do it under proxmox and assign what you need to OMV. I have had no problems with zfs under proxmox yet.

    You will also have more options for running vm's. One disadvantage is proxmox does not do docker. But you can always run a vm for that.

    strange, i use docker inside lxc without problem. For vm in proxmox, OMV and passtrough hdd, i have problem with S.M.A.R.T., any test not working for check.

    hi, why you don't enter with https?, anyway

    yes is the last update, but i have found a fix ( i think is my inexperience with a permission folder), i put privilege in group and not working, if i put privilege for single working, is correct? nope, not working

    ok i found where is the problem, or i hope is this the problem, when install virtualbox, inside tmp directory i found a file <.vbox-vbox-ipc> with permission root, after reboot permission changed in 997, after that, the error tmp appear.
    deleted virtualbox and reboot, the problem not appear

    after update to pve 4.15.18, on new installation, after install plugin from omv-extra, with docker and casual installation from other plugin, i have this error. The error appear on docker after reboot, and after deleted copy of docker and fresh installation, when reboot appear

    Hi, i try install Node-red docker, i'm searching on internet and i have found only this

    After put PUID and PGID, port and folder /node-red(omv):/data(path), save, node red doesn't work. Can help me someone for this docker? :saint: