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    Haven’t done anything lately. My opinion? Volker should have this taken into core omv, maybe not my plugin necessarily Luks is standard disk encryption for Linux in kernel and very well supported by systemd.

    Indeed, that sounds like the better approach. In the meantime, I've done a bit more research and stumbled upon a wonderful approach: udev rules. :thumbup: I just copy the following to /etc/udev/rules.d/15_unlock_luks_with_file and it all works:

    KERNEL!="sd[a-z]*", GOTO="end"
    ACTION=="add", PROGRAM!="/sbin/blkid -p %N", GOTO="end"
    # Open luks partition if necessary
    PROGRAM=="/sbin/blkid -o value -p -s TYPE %N", RESULT=="crypto_LUKS", ENV{crypto}="mapper/", ENV{device}="/dev/mapper/%k"
    ENV{crypto}!="?*", ENV{device}="%N"
    ACTION=="add", ENV{crypto}=="?*", RUN+="/sbin/cryptsetup luksOpen --key-file=/root/boring.log %N %k"
    ACTION=="add", ENV{crypto}=="?*", TEST!="/dev/mapper/%k", GOTO="end"
    ACTION=="remove", ENV{crypto}=="?*", RUN+="/sbin/cryptsetup luksClose %k"

    The LUKS key is stored in /root/boring.log for obfuscation. :D

    Thanks for the feedback. Network should be available otherwise this mod would be pointless. I’ll try to replicate in a vm with bond. But I assume it worked because networking gets pulled by ssh, shouldn’t make a difference for bond.

    I use this setup in my own server and use docker, but the docker root folder is not encrypted, is yours encrypted ? I would have a to add an extra check for this.

    For the script error, it would help me if you can describe your setup number of disks, size, raid on top, etc. Did you use a key disk? Or you’re prompted for passphrase for each disk?

    What are the chances of your enhancements making it into the official plugin? I think auto-unlocking the encrypted volumes is a really important feature, since most other solutions have this implemented as well!

    The reason I'm looking for a replacement for my unRaid servers is that I could not, for the life of me, get my servers working anything newer than 6.5.3. I have tried what was suggested at unraid forums and r/unraid, but nothing work. It got to the point that I need to find an alternative to unRaid.

    I am thinking to switch to OMV if I get OMV to work that way I have my unRaid servers.

    Honestly, I suspect that something is wrong with your hardware and/or that your current unRAID installation is botched. If it's your hardware, then switching to OMV (or any other platform) won't fix the issues at hand. If it's your software configuration, performing a fresh install might make the problems go away. You can always import the folders in appdata one by one to determine where the problems really are located.