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    Not sure if this will help but the person who recommended this app to me said to access it while outside your local network, I suggest hosting a VPN on your NAS so you can connect to it directly, you can also use Zerotier as well if your ISP is under strict NAT.

    Is this related to subsonic/airsonic or another question?

    The app is easy, if you're still having issues.

    The web editor sounds like a different problem.. Post the stack you used

    I was able to run the stack. and everything seems to be working.

    I do have a similar question. I have comics on my NAS that I can only access when at home. How can I access this when I am not home?

    The first thing I did was change the pass. I just randomly noticed the domain is working. Im still not able to connect with subsonic. Not sue if there is an additional step.

    Edit: got this part working

    I tried creating a stack using web editor and it wont deploy. It says service mapping must be a mapping not a string

    That's weird because now I can't get to the park page.... is swag fully running? (ie, is the log showing "done"..

    Just like before connection timeout

    Once you get into the proxy-confs folder, and the ls command shows all the .conf.sample files... one of them is called "airsonic.subdomain.conf.sample"... we need to copy that and drop the sample extension with the following command...

    cp airsonic.subdomain.conf.sample airsonic.subdomain.conf

    then run ls again, and you should see your airsonic.subdomain.conf file (.sample will still be there also... just two separate files)

    When you get there come back

    Im there.

    root@debian:~# cd

    root@debian:~# ls


    OK, I guess we'll try it and see what happens, but that is strange...

    In Portainer, on the left... click on Networks. You should see a list of network names assigned to each container, look for the one assigned to swag (there's about a 99% chance it is swag_default .. but just verify it)

    Yes swag_default

    just give it a second, it takes it a sec to receive the key

    You did paste it into a new stack right, not the same one as airsonic?

    New stack

    Now it says

    New certificate generated; starting nginx

    Starting 2019/12/30, GeoIP2 databases require personal license key to download. Please retrieve a free license key from MaxMind,

    and add a new env variable "MAXMINDDB_LICENSE_KEY", set to your license key.

    Edit: It finished. Server is ready.

    Tried the link with my subdomain and it says site cant be reached

    Thats done. I pasted into sack with corrections. In Putty after running the command its stuck on

    [cont-init.d] 20-config: executing...

    This what I see under port forwarding. Sorry had to step away before.