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    Thank you I will do that when I get home.

    Its just weird how its random. Yes as you pointed out yesterday was every 5 minutes. The day before for it would be all over the map in terms of getting that message.

    How often is it saying this? What are the timestamps on the duckdns log?

    It can range from second to minutes or hours. Here is an example of the logs:

    How is the IP beeing updated?

    Duckdns YML?

    Or some other way?

    Thats what I dont know. The only VPN container I have is TransmissionVPN which was the first thing I setup with KM0201's help. It doesnt affect any other containers. In duckdns it has my correct IP in duckdns homepage and its not changing on the homepage but the logs keeps saying "ip was updated"

    One last thing...

    Look at your log, does it show the specific IP's involved? Are the IP's consistent (ie it's always jumping between and or do the numbers seem totally random?

    If they are constantly the same IP address, then it would suggest there is a configuration issue somewhere (where I have no idea, I've pulled certs 100's of times and never had this issue). If they are random... I have no idea what the hell that would mean

    The logs dont show the IP. It just says "Your IP was updated at Tue Mar 1 14:02:00 New 2022" over and over again.

    It shouldn't, unless you're trying to route airsonic through the VPN as well.. or trying to route transmission through swag. I could see this happening if you're doing that... It picks up the VPN for transmission, changes it, then the duckdns container immediately changes it back as it's not being the VPN

    Nope I havent touched the transmission container since we set it up back then. How do I go about fixing this?

    That doesn't really matter. If you check your duckdns account while behind the vpn of a client, if is going to auto update with the public IP of the client (which is the vpn IP, and would explain this whole problem)

    Do you have linuxserver/duckdns container installed? It will auto update your duckdns domain with your public IP. IF YOUR WHOLE SERVER is behind the VPN, it's going to send the wrong IP to your duckdns account

    I didnt check the duckdns account while on my VPN of my PC. Its so strange watching literally every few minutes the log in linuxserver/duckdns constantly say IP updated every few minutes while on my PC the VPN is not on. We did set up a VPN for transmission on the server. Could that do this? Yes linuxserver/duckdns container is installed on my Server.

    Just saw this. No it doesnt match. It only shows an IPV6 address. I do sometimes us a VPN but when I turn it off I restart my pc. I used it last week and now im getting the IP address changing constantly message. Swag is running according to my logs and its up. DuckDNS is the issue.

    Are you trying to connect on the same network? I mean, the device you're using to log onto the Server is using the same router?

    And I can reach your airsonic login page without issues so your server is running properly.

    Yes. I can get to my subsonic page on subsonic. It works fine if im home on my wifi. When I try to connect via duckDNS is when it doesnt work using I have the correct domain name set in subsonic and also on my PC if I try to connect to with the correct domain name it gives me connection time out error.

    I don't need the duckdns log (especially when it says the same line over and over).

    What is needed to sort your issues is the SWAG log and the YML stack you used to launch it.

    And if there's any other container that's borked, the YMLs from them also help.

    Everything else is working fine. I removed my DUCKDNSTOKEN from below

    version: "2.2"




    container_name: swag


    - /srv/264cee60-be88-47eb-835f-936bb076f8ca/appdata:/config


    - 444:443

    - 81:80

    restart: unless-stopped

    swag did not restart.. you would see new ssl.conf and new proxy.conf files if it did.

    Restart swag from portainer if you can't do it from command line

    Not sure why that command in terminal didnt work. I restarted it in docker. The error is gone but now I see something asking me for a personal license key. The server is up though

    Did you remove the ssl.conf and proxy.conf after you backed it up?

    Are you sure you're not looking at an old log.

    Its removed. Just double checked and re did log. Also I can see it on OMV docker page plus now I cant connect at all via subsonic

    Here is whats inside nginx













    Don't confuse prox-conf with proxy.conf .

    Proxy-conf is a directory, don't mess with that.

    Backup proxy.conf

    Yup I copied it from what you put. Did everything. Restarted. ran command log for swag and that error in the log still popsup

    Now I cant connect to swag through subsonic. Keeps saying network error and like always the swag gives connection time out. On my duckDNS log in homepage ipv6 is empty. Not sure if it was always that way.