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    swag did not restart.. you would see new ssl.conf and new proxy.conf files if it did.

    Restart swag from portainer if you can't do it from command line

    Not sure why that command in terminal didnt work. I restarted it in docker. The error is gone but now I see something asking me for a personal license key. The server is up though

    Did you remove the ssl.conf and proxy.conf after you backed it up?

    Are you sure you're not looking at an old log.

    Its removed. Just double checked and re did log. Also I can see it on OMV docker page plus now I cant connect at all via subsonic

    Here is whats inside nginx













    Don't confuse prox-conf with proxy.conf .

    Proxy-conf is a directory, don't mess with that.

    Backup proxy.conf

    Yup I copied it from what you put. Did everything. Restarted. ran command log for swag and that error in the log still popsup

    Now I cant connect to swag through subsonic. Keeps saying network error and like always the swag gives connection time out. On my duckDNS log in homepage ipv6 is empty. Not sure if it was always that way.

    Are you sure you're typing it correctly? Use tab for auto complete.

    root@debian:/srv# ls 264cee60-be88-47eb-835f-936bb076f8ca/

    appdata aquota.user downloads Media nextclouddata Playlists snapraid.2-parity snapraid.content.lock comics lost+found Music one Podcasts snapraid.content snapraid.parity


    oot@debian:/srv# ls appdata/

    ls: cannot access 'appdata/': No such file or directory

    Its in a separate ssd.

    Apperantly ive forgotten how to find my folder. I logged in via root and tried cd /sharedfolders and it says no file or directory.

    Yes I can play my files through subsonic but if I try to go to my duckdns with my subdomain it gives me connection time out. None of my devices can connect to the subdomian. On my pc, tablet, cellphone nothing works.


    Just saw this. Yes I do need help. So how do I start this?

    Not sure if this will help but the person who recommended this app to me said to access it while outside your local network, I suggest hosting a VPN on your NAS so you can connect to it directly, you can also use Zerotier as well if your ISP is under strict NAT.

    Is this related to subsonic/airsonic or another question?

    The app is easy, if you're still having issues.

    The web editor sounds like a different problem.. Post the stack you used

    I was able to run the stack. and everything seems to be working.

    I do have a similar question. I have comics on my NAS that I can only access when at home. How can I access this when I am not home?

    The first thing I did was change the pass. I just randomly noticed the domain is working. Im still not able to connect with subsonic. Not sue if there is an additional step.

    Edit: got this part working

    I tried creating a stack using web editor and it wont deploy. It says service mapping must be a mapping not a string

    That's weird because now I can't get to the park page.... is swag fully running? (ie, is the log showing "done"..