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    It tells that the directory /srv/5f... is not empty so it can not mount anything there.

    Can you veryfiy what is in there with ls -la /srv/5ff.../Elle

    Is this what you expect to be there?

    Will check tomorrow evening. Have to log off now. Thanks for your help and patience. You're an example of why the OMV community is so great.

    yes, do

    apt-get update

    apt-get upgrade


    Do I need to reboot?

    put a # in front of the last but one line.

    Please answer this question: Did you try an upgrade from 4 -> 5 or from 5 -> 6?

    Ok, that's done.

    Its weird. I can't log into using the cli, but can access on the browser. I can also log I through SSH

    I tried omv-upgrade. Does that do a major upgrade from 5 -> 6? Other than that I haven't tried to move from 5 -> 6.

    Should I try the apt-get commands now?

    Brilliant. Which comment am I deleting? See attached.

    Sorry, don't have access to that. See attached. Do these help? Will unmount and do fsck now

    I'm out of my depth here

    I'm out of my depth. Thought I might be able to muddle through, but not having success.

    Attached are the commands I tried. If I got the right one, it was from luck 🙈

    If I didn't, appreciate if you can take pity on me and give me the exact command I need to run

    Thanks for the help!

    Sorry for the late response crashtest. I've used the CLI for rsync and it works great. Thanks so much.

    I think I may have a separate issue with connecting external devices to my system. In addition to the previous issue with an NTFS drive, I tried an ext4 and had the same issue. Need to do some more investigating tomorrow, and will post details.

    Thinking about it, doing a drive-to-mergerfs mountpoint rsync copy might be the way to go. Once the data is copied to the mergerfs mount point, you could navigate to a specific folder (music), when setting up a shared folder for music on your server.

    Thanks crashtest. Thought you could only rsync shared folder to shared folder. How do you do drive to drive (mergerfs)?

    I started doing a transfer last night with cloud commander, but that froze somewhere along the way.

    So I've gone to plan z at the moment! I have 1, 2 and 4tb hhds. I'm formatting to ext4, and copying info from USB HDD to them using a hard drive dock. I'll hopefully then be able to use the dock to do an rysnc with the ext drives. I'll then reformat the usb drive as ext4, and copy back on the info with the dock. This should be quickest way all round to get around the issue.

    Thanks for taking so much time to respond. Really appreciate it.

    This is my Fstab.

    /dev/disk/by-uuid/027A5D6B7A5D5C8B /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-027A5D6B7A5D5C8B ntfs defaults,nofail 0 2

    Thats the Elements drive.

    I notice that the drive is at 100% capacity (from the GUI). Could that have any impact?