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    Hello sirs,

    I am also having a similar problem as the users from the first page. I have cleaned apt and uninstalled, reinstalled, and moved the docker data directory to my data, non-OS, drive and DOCKER is installed. However, when I click "install Portainer", the only thing that happens is a dialogue box with the message: \
    arch :: arm64
    option :: portainer
    state :: install
    No portainer containers or images to remove.

    Rebooting, removing DOCKER, and trying to reinstalling DOCKER, then Portainer yield the same message, that Portainer does not get installed. I am not sure how to get Portainer installed. Any clues, sirs?

    Hello folks. I tried searching but didn't seem to find any infos. For OMV5 there does not seem to be leetsencrypt plugin. I enabled the testing toggle in OMV-Extras but still can't seem to find letsencrypt listed in plugins. Is there a way to use the plug-in for OMV5?

    Umm.. OK. Read that thread. It doesn't really help with what I am trying to do. It just has people arguing with the OP.

    As I stated in my original post, I am running latest Armbian on an Odroid N2. There is a Luks encrypted drive attached that I am trying to unlock at boot automagically so it will thus be automounted and then have shared folders accessible.

    That is, when Gramdma plugs in the N2 it currently does not automatically unlock and mount the luks encrypted drive as described. She needs young grandson to physically be there to login at local OMV at, then click Encryption, then enter password, then click Shared Folders and readd the ones that are already there. Without this, Shared Folders are not accessible at all.

    Hence my question, is there a method or process for OMV to do this on boot?

    Dear sirs,

    i am running Armbian Buster with OMV5 on an Odroidn2. I looked on the Armbian forum for info but someone suggested it was an OMV issue. So I post here. I have completed LUKS encryption on a hard drive and it will unlock and mount if I use the OMV WebUI. However, this creates a problem for me. The LUKS encrypted drive has to be manually unlocked (and mounted?) via the OMV WebUI. If I am not physically present after the OMV box has rebooted then the LUKS drive is both not locked and not mounted. I would like to know if there is a way to automount or auto-unlock then mount (not sure which is correct) for getting OMV to autounlock and mount my LUKS encrypted drive after, or during, boot. Hopefully this is clear. Please forgive my noob skills.

    Thank you for any help.

    Like crashtest said, this will work but make sure you have a copy of the content file on both drives. Why do snapraid with only 2 drives? Do you plan to add additional drives in the future?

    Well, I have two 8TB drives and what I want to do is combine them, with hopefully some raid config as a backup. The data on one of the 8TB is already being backed up.

    I thought we could have 1 drive data and another as parity? Is there some better way in Snapraid, or another OMV plugin, to get it working?

    I have two 8TB drives that I would like to use with Snapraid. My understanding is one drive can be content and data while the other can be parity. That is how I believe they should be configured. As setup in Snapraid OMV plugin, does this seem like a good configuration?


    I have followed TechnoLifeDad's excellent Youtube video for installing Letsencrypt, Duckdns, and Nextcloud on OMV as Docker images. After some headaches, on my part, it is reachable from the interwebs. When I visit, Nextcloud is fine and works as expected. However, I would ALSO like to point my DNS CNAME to it so that it is accessible from BOTH and

    If I access, there is just a screen saying
    Welcome to our server
    The website is currently being setup under this address.
    For help and support, please contact:

    I believe this is possibly Nextcloud or Letsencrypt trying to do something but there is not proper configuration on my side. Again, if I go to then Nextcloud works fine, no issues.

    I have searched around Nextcloud forum, here, and the Linuxserver forum but can't seem to find how to get it done. To anyone''s knowledge, is there a way that this can be accomplished?


    I have installed the LUKS encryption plugin. It appears no problem in the left hand menu. When I click on Encryption then Device dropdown, my device (/dev/sda) does not appear. I can mount it from the command line and see it elsewhere in OMV. I did not see any information from github reference nor in this thread as well about how to resolve the issue.

    This is on the Armbian N2 release of Debian 9, Linux 4.9.173.

    This is the only issue with OMV. To my knowledge, everything else works as expected.

    Please advise. Thank you.

    Looks helpful for the guide. In step 3 where you add SEAF_USERNAME and SEAF_PASSWORD, are those on the local OMV box (Do I create a new user?), is it the username running the Seafile Docker (seafuser), or just some random name (and associated password) I pick?

    New OMV 4 user here, and I wasn't able to find specifics in the forum, or elsewhere. Can you detail how you installed the Seafile docker image on a running OMV 4 system?

    Do you just download the flowgunso Seafile client to the OMV 4 machine and run some script, somewhere?

    Just dropping by to say I have OMV 4 running on Debian Stretch for the ODroid N2. It's been a beast so far, about 2 weeks. I have some WD USB3 drives connected to it. Transfer rates are reasonable with everything through a Linksys 3200ACM.