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    Thanks again for your answer.

    Emby does not run by default on port 80. Port 8096 is the default but you can change it to the one you want. Docker is excellent, I was a little worried about the future support for Emby or Plex in OMV and the next version.

    By the way .. TODAY: Debian Buster (Debian 10) will be officially launched and I assume that's something the OMV developers were waiting for new version.

    OMV5 will most likely be out AFTER Buster...and will take some time to make sure it is stable. One can assume it won't come out simultaneously.

    If you look @ OMV4, it came out 11 months after Debian 9. Good rule of thumb is to assume a similar timeline.

    Debian Buster (Debian 10) will be officially launched

    "The Debian Release Team in coordination with several other teams are preparing the last bits needed for releasing Debian 10 "Buster" on Saturday 6 July 2019."

    I'm not familiar with the flatpak repo, but if it is 100% Debian 9 repo, and not an Ubuntu, or Mint, or whatever repo.. it *should* be fine.

    Is there a particular reason you don't want to use the Emby docker? I'm not a particular fan of Emby (although it's way better than Plex), but I've set it up in Docker before and it's more or less brain dead simple if you follow the video tutorial linked above.

    Thank you very much for the reply. I'm really in that dilemma, I do not know if it's better to use the docker or take advantage of the new repo flatpak from debian / Ubuntu / any Debian-based. Flatpack is a -standard * of repositories that was adopted even by Fedora.
    I ask the question because I do not know if installing it from the terminal there may be some problem with OMV which is what I want to use in the file server. Otherwise I would use the Docker. I follow the Youtube channel of @TechnoDadLife and he has an excellent installation tutorial for Emby .... but I have only the doubt of whether it is better docker or through flatpak repository (flatbub).

    Thank you!

    Now i need to know if I can use the terminal to install Emby adding the flatpack repo to OMV repository without broke anything.

    I'm going to setup a new dedicated server this weekend and i need to know if i going to use OMV to handle Emby and SMB or if is better install a Debian server to run SMB and Emby.

    Thanks in advance.

    Al aire libre

    I'm thinking about either building a NAS or using a 2014 off-the-shelf PC I've got laying around, but I'm wondering if a GPU is necesary. If I build a NAS, I'll probably go with a Ryzen 3 CPU which doesn't have a built-in GPU, but I also don't want to go shelling out for a GPU just for the NAS or have to waste PCIe lanes on it. Could I just borrow my main rig's GPU for the setup and then shut down the NAS, return the GPU to my main rig, and then power the NAS back up? Or is a GPU still needed somehow for rendering webpages or something else?

    Greetings to the community, and this is my first post :)

    The GPU is not necessary for the web interface.
    However, the GPU can be useful if you install programs for handling multimedia such as Emby or Plex in your OMV.
    These programs require good resources when decoding and send it to other devices for a good perfomance on the client side.
    Emby gives you the option to use your CPU or your GPU for those tasks which is a benefit.

    If that is not your scenario, the GPU is totally irrelevant.

    -You can also install OMV using the serial port of the PC with a VGA adapter.
    -You can also place a GPU just to install.