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    The file has to have no ending like "" just "monitor"?

    How do I run it with cron command? :huh: What times do I need to set? I googled that but all the tutorials are different.

    Is there any way to stop the script after like 10 retrys to start the server? I don't want my FTP stuck in an endless bootloop when I screw up the configuration again. :D

    It would be interesting if this is a hardware or software related bug. I wonder why it works for some users and not for others.

    It's pretty annoying too that the server can't do reboots without a babysitter.

    A workaround would be that the FTP gets shut down and restarted 1 minute after a boot/reboot happend. But I don't know how to do that, I'm not a programmer. :/ In Windows I would use a batch script and put it into autostart but thats not going to happen with Linux. X/

    Hi there!

    When I upload files via FTP to my server that contain special letters like "ö" they are completely invisible on the SMB share. You can read/write/delete them over FTP but they are not exsistent in SMB.
    When I upload these files via SMB they show up just like normal.

    How do I fix that? X/

    I like to solve a problem and know the answer on what exactly went wrong. This is the only way I know what to do when it happens again. ...and there will be more NVME SSDs for sure...

    On OMV its not a big deal to make a fresh install but on my gaming system for example it takes a whole week of work to reinstall Windows and configure everything like it was before. (there is a ton of software on that thing) So in that case theres no other way than to find out what is actually wrong.

    Here is my thought on what went wrong:
    I installed OMV without the second NVME SSD.
    The LAN adapter was called "enp7s0" by OMV.
    Then I installed the NVME SSD.
    Now the name of the LAN adapter changed to "enp8s0".
    OMV still has the old LAN config on boot and doesn't realise that the hardware configuration has changed.
    So no LAN adapter gets activated because the default setting seems to be disable all.

    Maybe an admin can make some kind of a FAQ or sticky thread like: "How to install an NVME SSD in OMV"
    There's like no information anywhere that you need to make a new LAN config after installing an NVME SSD to get OMV back online. X/
    Man that was one nasty problem for a non-Linux guy. :D

    Try some other operating system and see if you can access both NVMe drives and use the LAN at the same time.

    If you can't then I suggest you contact the manufacturer of the motherboard.

    You could try with Ubuntu on a thumbdrive for instance.

    I already solved the problem look on the post above. OMV-firstaid did the trick.

    Configure the network interfaces using omv-firstaid

    I did it! :D The server is back online with more NVME storage! That omv-firstaid thing works very simple and nicely! Even a linux noob can use that. Why is that not in autostart after you login with the command line? So good!

    Thank you very much! You're the man! <3

    Now I'm back to only 1 problem. My "not on it's own starting" FTP server. X/

    This is what I get with ip addr show:

    Edit: When I enter "ip link set enp8s0 up" it turns the LEDs on the LAN port on but it doesn't get a connection. 8|
    When I reboot the server the LEDs on the LAN port are off and "ip addr show" shows the adapter as "down" again.

    Ok another update!
    After I entered "dhclient enp8s0" my server has a working LAN connection again! Even the SSD is working.

    BUT every reboot the LAN ports are turned off again.
    How do I get them to turn on with the SSD installed when I boot the server likr normal. I don't want to turn on the LAN ports every time by hand. Is this maybe a bug?

    How do you know the lan ports are dead? Have you check lspci once Server has boot if the controllers are there ?

    The LEDs on the ports are off. Also I can't connect to the IP that the adapter has. The LEDs on the switch are off as well. So the adapters are not even syncing with the switch.

    This is the first time that I hear about that lspci check. Sorry this is my first time with Linux. :D I don't really know where to start looking, that's why I wrote this thread. I can fix almost anything on a Windows system but Linux is like learning to walk again. Quite hard. :/
    Also I have no monitor or KVM over IP near my server, so I have to move the server every time I need to have a physical screen. X/
    I'll check lspci tomorrow!

    Yeah no BIOS update. It's already on the newest version. As long as I stay in the BIOS the SSD and the LAN works just fine.

    So when it's a Debian Issue... can you fix that? Is there something like a device manager so I can somehow find anything out why my LAN ports will not work with the SSD? I need the second NVME SSD. I can't store the data in the air. :D

    I will contact the Gigabyte support as well just to make sure.

    Ok it's definitely an OMV issue. I bought an adapter to put the SSD into a normal PCI-E Slot. Even the GPU slot which is wired directly into the CPU gives me the same error.

    As soon as OMV is booting the LAN ports are dead.

    I have no idea how to find out what is going on ;(

    Hi there!

    Is there any list where I can look up what 10G network hardware is working with OMV?

    Or does anyone have an Intel X540-T1 and can confirm it working? :saint: I don't want any DIY-hacked-driver-special-install that takes 4 weeks to get it running.