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    On page 18 in the spreadsheet it says when the M2M M.2 slot(the lower slot) has a PCI-E SSD then PCIEX4_2 slot gets deactivated. That's fine because I don't need that slot.

    But it makes no sense that its a lane issue because it works in the bios. The SSD is present and I have LAN at the same time.

    Maybe I'll buy an adapter so I can put the SSD in a regular PCI-E slot.

    I have another strange issue. ;(

    As soon as I put my 2nd NVME SSD into the server both LAN ports go dead right when OMV starts boots. In the bios the SSD shows up just fine and I have lights on both LAN ports. The lights go out on the LAN ports exactly when the counter in the grub boot menu hits 0 and the boot begins.

    The mainboard manual also shows no signs that the LAN ports will get deactivated with 2 NVME SSDs installed.

    Intel i3-8100
    Gigabyte C246-WU4
    2x Kingston Server Premier 8GB DDR4-2400 ECC
    Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 250GB, M.2 (OMV OS disk - in the upper M.2 slot)
    ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro 2TB, M.2 (in the lower M.2 slot)
    6x Western Digital WD Red 10TB 3.5" (WD100EFAX)

    If there are in the same fs why don’t you make the whole drive a shared folder then it should move it instantly using the local file explorer.

    Because I have a lot of users with lots of different permissions. OMV doesn't allow a user access to a folder that's inside another folder that's blocked for him. This works on Windows but not on OMV. The only way I found to work around that is two different shares.

    The user read/write permissions are sadly linked to the user+share/top folder and not to each folder individually.

    I have the exact same problem. Your server will no start on its own when you reboot OMV. I didn't found a solution to my problem yet. Here is the link to the thread: FTP won't start/buggy start

    Can you confirm that midnight commander can move files between shares and not just copy+delete?

    No, not without using the command line. The two different shares are seen as two completely different filesystems. Might as well have been different partitions or even different drives.

    What you could do is only have one shared folder. That way you don't need to move files between separate filesystems and moves will be instantaneous. Do you really, really need two different shares on the same filesystem?

    The problem is that read/write permissions for users is linked to shares and not folders on a share. A user can't access an allowed folder inside a forbidden folder. I tried that first but it stays invisible.

    So a share on a drive is showing to the applications like a drive and not like a folder? That's strange. :D

    Hi there!

    I have 2 sharedfolders on my RAID-array. How can move files between those folders? Sadly there's no fileexplorer in OMV. :/

    When I use WinSCP over SSH to move the files it just makes a copy and then deletes the old file. When I do it over smb it's the same thing. When I try to move large amouts of files this will takes days which is stupid.(and unnecessary)
    Is there any solution that can really "MOVE" the files in milliseconds on the same drive just like Windows can? Moving files via command line is not an option.

    I'm new to Linux so I don't want to install 50 different fileexplorers just to find out that all of them only "copy+delete" instead of "move". Moving files inside the same sharedfolder works just fine over smb.

    Maybe it's because I installed OMV on a NVME SSD. :D The time it takes to boot is basicly instant. I don't think that the LAN chip can get a connection that fast. :huh:

    I can test that inetutils-inetd install tomorrow when I get back home. I don't want to mess up the server when I have no physical access to it. :saint: It's currently very busy pushing data. are that hardware specs if that maybe helps:
    Intel i3-8100
    Gigabyte C246-WU4
    2x Kingston Server Premier 8GB DDR4-2400 ECC
    Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 250GB, M.2
    6x Western Digital WD Red 10TB 3.5" (WD100EFAX)

    What should I look for in the syslog?
    This here is the whole syslog:

    I attached the omv-salt as .txt because is was over 10000 :D


    • omv-salt.txt

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    I use the FTP server to share data with all my friends so I need to be able to set permissions for each user differently. I need to control bandwidth usage as well.

    When I can find a tutorial about that SFTP on SSH I give it a try and see if I can make that work. The last 16 years I only run Windows servers so all this linux console stuff is quite hard to learn. ^^

    My SSH tab doesn't say anything about a FTP server and gives me no options.

    Sorry if I sound dumb but this is my very first time with Linux and OMV. :/

    ...I used SSH to connect with PuTTY and I installed OMV-Extras so SSH works at least. :D

    What do you mean by that?

    The encryption works just fine when the server is running. The problem is that the whole FTP server doesn't even start after a OMV reboot. It doesn't matter if I turn any encryption on or off.

    Just installed the new version.

    TLS works now but the server still doesn't start on it's own.
    When I start it by hand it still gives me the same error on the first try. On the second try it starts.

    After OMV reboot the red button is still there in the dashboard and I can't connect. :huh: I have to deactivate and re-activate to get the FTP server online.

    Hey there!

    When I first try to start the FTP server I get this error:

    Fehler #0:
    OMV\ExecException: Failed to execute command 'export PATH=/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin; export LANG=C.UTF-8; omv-salt deploy run proftpd 2>&1' with exit code '1': debian:

    When I try to start it the second time it somehow starts but TLS is not working. I get this error on login:

    Status: Verbinde mit
    Status: Verbindung hergestellt, warte auf Willkommensnachricht...
    Antwort: 220 ProFTPD Server ready.
    Befehl: AUTH TLS
    Antwort: 500 AUTH not understood
    Befehl: AUTH SSL
    Antwort: 500 AUTH not understood
    Fehler: Kritischer Fehler: Herstellen der Verbindung zum Server fehlgeschlagen

    Also the FTP server doesn't start on it's own when I reboot OMV. The "running" dot stays red in the system info tab.
    The server is running 5.0.8-1 with all updates.

    Need help! Complete linux noob here.(first time ever) :/