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    Yes. USB Backup works with shared folders. The only difference is, that the content of the shared folders might or might not be distributed on the two disks. (depending on your settings of mergerfs).

    I hope others have an answer to this based on practical experience.

    I'm back....

    So I was able to update to OMV 5 using the method ryecoaaron stated (link for anyone interested).

    I ran into a few hiccups with mounting the second HDD, most likely due to my own error. But it is mounted, and successfully created a Filesystem for the HDD.

    I have installed the "Union Filesystems" and "mergerfs" plugins. I don't think I need unionfs for what I want to do, and mergerfs should work. I am looking for a sanity check before I go with my desired setup.

    Current Setup:

    Disk 1: Has all the data, already organized with several folders and files. Has one Shared folder (which is simply the entire disk).

    Disk 2: Blank

    I want to simply merge the two together, and continue using the already created folder structure.

    Using the mergerfs gui I created the following:

    Will this setup work, or is there a better way I should do this? I don't want to end up regretting this a few months/years down the road.

    Thanks again for the help in advance.

    Yes. USB Backup works with shared folders. The only difference is, that the content of the shared folders might or might not be distributed on the two disks. (depending on your settings of mergerfs).

    I hope others have an answer to this based on practical experience.

    Thank you for the information!

    If your target is to increase the capacity and as you already have backup, I would use the unionfilesystem plugin (which is using mergerfs)

    And as mi-hol mentioned, you should really consider to upgrade to OMV5 (which will include upgrade to Debian 10)

    I've been pretty satisfied with where my current version of OMV is at, but I will look more into it, especially if it's going be more beneficial in the long run.

    If I go with unionfilesystem/mergerfs, will I still be able to backup using my same method (USB Backup to the 12TB drive)? Will I be missing out on performance or does it really matter in my case?


    Here is what I am trying to do:

    Add a second WD RED 6TB HDD to my already existing OMV system, doubling the capacity to 12TB.

    Current setup:

    HP Z220 - Intel i5-3470

    8GB RAM

    Version: 4.1.36-1 (Arrakis)

    Kernel: 4.19.0-0.bpo.9-amd64

    OS on 60GB SSD

    1st (currently only HDD): 6TB WD RED HDD

    Current backup method:

    12TB External WD Elements HDD

    (I purchased this in anticipation that I would one day double my server capacity, which I am finally doing.)

    I use "USB Backup" to backup up my current setup.

    My current HDD has finally reached near full capacity, (5.3TB used of the 5.4TB available).

    I am looking for the simplest and safest way to add my second drive. I have read the FAQ on RAID and watched several Techo Dad Life videos, but seem to be a bit lost on what the best route is for me.

    Here are my options as I see them:

    1. Use Unionfilesystems to pool the drives together?

    2. Use mergerfsfolders to pool together the directories?

    3. Wipe the 1st drive, and use RAID 0 to combine both drives?

    The risk with option three is that I did a crappy job backing up my data, and end up losing everything. I thought about practicing backing up my data on the new HDD just to see if I could do it, and if successful, push forward with setting up RAID 0.

    FWIW, this is a home media server.

    Sorry if this post is too long, or is just digging up questions that have been asked here before.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions or help.

    About a week ago, my GUI stopped loading on my web browser. I did a bit of digging around and was able to run First Aid on my OMV, where I discovered that my OMV was now using a new IP address (changed from to Also, I had to change the default port to something other than 80 to get it to work again. Now, some of my dockers are not working, due to the IP change I believe. Right now, my server is running again.

    I just am not sure what could have caused this. A few days prior to this issue, I had installed PiHole using Techno Dad's tutorial. It installations seemed to go fine and was working. I have since removed it form my server.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    Release: 4.1.30-1
    Codename: Arrakis

    I will be putting together my NAS once I return home from my current deployment soon (military).

    The machine will be comprised of the following:
    HP z220 SFF w/ i5-3470 3.2GHz
    8GB ram
    WD RED 6TB HDD (plan on adding a second in the near future)

    I will have it connected via Gigabit Ethernet port to my home network.
    I plan on primarily using it for home media, with the intentions of running a plex server and delivering 4K video files to players throughout the house (nvidia shield).
    My current wireless router is very old, and there are several dead spots throughout my home. I will be needing to replace this.

    My question is this....

    How fast does my home network need to be in order to deliver such huge files (50-60 GB files) via WiFi?

    Is AC2200 going to be fast enough? (ex. NETGEAR Orbi Whole Home Mesh WiFi AC2200)

    Or will I need something faster such as AC3000? (ex. NETGEAR Orbi Whole Home Mesh WiFi (RBK50))

    Thanks in advance for the replies!

    Thank you!

    Hello all. I would like to boot and run OMV from a USB flash thumb drive. The use will be for a home media NAS, no heavy usage other than the occasional movie being played or computer being backed up.

    If it matters, here are the details of the machine. It will be going into an HP z220F, with an i5-3470 and 8GB non-ECC ram. I only have one storage drive, a WD RED 6TB HDD (plan on adding a second drive in the near future). The machine is not put together yet, but the parts listed have already been acquired.

    I am looking for a recommendation for a specific USB drive to use. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I don't want to mess up and waste money on a poor USB choice.

    Thanks in advance for the help.