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    I could, but at this point I would like to be a "big boy" and actually learn how Docker and my containers work instead of just limping along in someone else's wake. Still, these compose files will act as an effective guide as to what I should end up with. Thank you!

    If you do - and it's definitely worth it - there are tons of guides, here on this forum and on YouTube.
    Docker is widely popular, and you just need to find the way that suits you.

    You'll get used to Yaml's compose files, they are divided in sections and there's always a template made by somebody else, most of the time you'll just need to adjust ports and file paths.

    And you can always ask for more help!

    Oramai sono abituato con quella configurazione,non saprei quale altro protocollo usare

    Ti basta non mettere quella config nel server samba, e di default usa protocolli più aggiornati.

    Avevo provato una pennina usb3,ed ora che non ce la metto,qualsiasi modifica con gli hd mi da errore con schermata rossa.E non so come togliere la penna

    Collega di nuovo la pendrive, quindi vai nella sezione partizioni e fai "Unmount, quindi salva la configurazione. Ora potrai scollegarla e non avere più l'errore.

    Su OMV non puoi rimuovere dischi senza prima scollegarli da UI: il sistema si aspetta sempre i dischi che ha in configurazione.

    Salve.Ho installato OMV 6 su Debian 11,ma non capisco come mai non mi funzioni il protocollo samba.Se provo il server FTP la periferica collegata,è raggiungibile.Ho su un vecchio Orange con Armbian la versione 5,26 di OMV e funziona tutto.Sbaglio qualcosa?


    Ciao, se fornisci ulteriori dettagli ti possiamo dare una mano.
    Considera anche che SMB1 è disabilitato.

    Hey there, I updated the guide with the changes that were required.. Thanks for your feedback.

    Heck I didn't realize I made it a long time ago and it was still featuring OMV5 UI! :)

    mountain-eagle thank you very much!

    This means the plugin has been updated since I made the guide, which was fully tested at the time: there wasn't such option to create Borg ENV variables from the GUI.

    I will update the guide accordingly.

    Which command have you used to manually create the repo?

    Edit: I didn't see it, you wrote it. It looks correct.

    By the way it's only a test since the plugin must create it.

    At this point I don't understand why the plugin is not working.

    Ok, this looks good. any of the two commands should work in the plugin too.

    Execute this

    borg info 'Malcolm@'

    What's the response?

    Also try

    borg info 'ssh://Malcolm@'

    According to borg's docs:

    Remote repositories accessed via ssh user@host:

    user@host:/path/to/repo - remote repo, absolute path

    ssh://user@host:port/path/to/repo - same, alternative syntax, port can be given

    A repository already exists at /Malcolm@

    I think it's not reading the path properly, and there's a repo in the Malcom home folder (it does not matter because you want to use another path.

    if you use the path with the dot, it will start in the user home directory, but you're trying to use the MergerFS storage, so use the full path.

    Can you please confirm you can:

    - login from server to destination without password - I think this is ok

    - navigate to the path you want to use as a backup - to verify permissions

    If you can navigate to the path, then adjust the configuration of Remote Path and add the folder that does not exist:


    You should slow down and read carefully.

    The guide says


    Either way, the destination folder must not exist, Borg will create it upon initialization

    So, If you want to use /srv/mergerfs/Data/Malcolmbackup/Borgbackup, delete Borgbackup and try again.

    So everything is looking good, well done!


    As per the guide: "check" is the backup repository - it does not exist but it’s needed to validate the SSH connection.

    You can go ahead.