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    The problem is that the proftpd Debian package is f**ked up. OMV already provides workarounds to fix that, but it does not seem to work in all situations. Before Debian does not fix that, OMV will not work correct here. To make it short, the problem is out of the scope of the OMV project.

    How to be at the moment? How can this problem be avoided? Are there any ways?

    I tried to install Debian 10 and install omv 5 there, but things were still bad. I returned back to clean omv 5, I have to somehow put up with the fact that ftp is started only manually :С

    Hmm, that's strange. I can not reproduce this on my production server (AMD64) and Vagrant boxes (dev environment).

    Seems someone from the community must fix that problem. Contributions via PR are welcome.

    Is the situation still unresolved? I put the latest build, but still, after restarting, FTP does not start

    I also installed OMV5 with the official ISO on my production system some weeks ago and did not realize this issue. All went as expected. So, if i or other devs do not have troubles, how should we know about such things or fix them?

    Nevertheless, OMV only installs and configures the services, if the service has an error, we unfortunately cannot do anything because they are not managed by the OMV project, but by the Debian community or the community of the service itself.

    An idea about a problem was born in my head, I will check this theory and let me know

    Is /run existing? As already said, this is NOT an OMV issue, it's related to the proftpd package and/or the Debian system you are using. There are so much (e.g. ARM) images out there that are out of the scope of OMV. We can not do anything here. But i had to mention that i never saw such an issue till now.

    I did not install Debian before installing OMV. I immediately installed the iso omv 5 image via usb flash. Therefore, the matter is still in OMV, but even if they cannot help at the official forum, then it makes sense to think about the further use of OMV, this is not a threat, it is a sourcelessness.

    Omv 5, clean installation, no plugins, updates installed. I’m already reinstalling OMV, but the problem is haunting. FTP refuses to work properly. When starting up, the error appears, if you ignore it and start FTP again, it will work, but if you just restart the server, then FTP on the board will light up in red and when you try to start, this error appears again. From the log I realized that it was proftpd, I don’t know what it is and I don’t need it, I need regular ftp ;(;(;(

    Are you fully updating the system in the Updates tab before installing omv-extras? What kind of system? How did you install - use the ISO or is this an RPi?

    Install using ISO. Before installing omv-exstras, I do a full update. Which system do I use? Well last cut omv 5

    Have you rebooted? This is probably happening because ftp isn't disabled on a fresh install. Either way, it has nothing to do with omv-extras and caused by the terrible proftpd init script that should be converted to a systemd unit file (debian problem).

    This happens just after a reboot.

    If this problem cannot be solved, then it’s very sad

    I installed the WebDAV, it didn’t work for me. When I started to delete it, an error occurred, the plugin was deleted, but it did not disappear from the toolbar. When I open it, an error appears that the plugin was not found. How to remove it completely?

    When i try open plugin on toolbar: