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    I did it all again, pulled ls73 (there was some bug showing I'm running ls57 but it was using the 79), did a complete restart... version:- 3.00-r0-ls73 Build-date:- 2021-01-18T08:40:09-05:00

    And still the same:



    Success: I can see your service on 89.xxxxx on port (51413)

    Your ISP is not blocking port 51413

    Does anyone know what to do? Or where to ask?


    can I ask you for help with this, please?

    I'm just an amateur, but everything worked until maybe a month ago (the last time I wanted to use transmission).

    I wanted to use it today and it's still not working, so I'm asking here.

    I set up docker, transmission container and everything was fine for ~1 year.

    And now when I want to use it, it says it cannot access tracker - wanted to download ubuntu for my friend (50MB/s vs 2MB/s from official).

    I didn't reset the router with the port forward, I didn't replace the router. It just stopped working.


    Transmission - a16811c23bd87f8f604276e0f8784e34.png


    Portchecker - 6e145a94b1f3a66779fa3ec2005117aa.png

    Thanks for any help.

    What I should post then? There is exactly your command what you told me.

    Maybe I didn't get 100% everything, but until now everything what I have done in ACL or docker works just fine. Just after reset perm. it doesn't and I don't know what next, because everything in ACL looks alright, that's why I need your help...


    can I ask you how to give permissions to Plex, when it's running container in Portainer?

    I had to do permreset and now it doesn't have access to movies and shows.

    When it was a plugin, it was just check in ACL but now I don't know how to do it.

    My library is shared with 2 accounts and they can see and play, but I can't even see it.


    I was waiting if it will backup today and nothing, last is from 16.11. when I ran it.

    Output (it was 10x longer but I can't put it all here, but it seems it's all the time the same text):

    So, the whole problem was with that "too many requests". Portainer didn't show me it's that problem, only through the console (where I found something about requests).

    Containers are running I hope I will be able to configure everything.

    Thanks for now. :)