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    What I should post then? There is exactly your command what you told me.

    Maybe I didn't get 100% everything, but until now everything what I have done in ACL or docker works just fine. Just after reset perm. it doesn't and I don't know what next, because everything in ACL looks alright, that's why I need your help...


    can I ask you how to give permissions to Plex, when it's running container in Portainer?

    I had to do permreset and now it doesn't have access to movies and shows.

    When it was a plugin, it was just check in ACL but now I don't know how to do it.

    My library is shared with 2 accounts and they can see and play, but I can't even see it.


    I was waiting if it will backup today and nothing, last is from 16.11. when I ran it.

    Output (it was 10x longer but I can't put it all here, but it seems it's all the time the same text):

    So, the whole problem was with that "too many requests". Portainer didn't show me it's that problem, only through the console (where I found something about requests).

    Containers are running I hope I will be able to configure everything.

    Thanks for now. :)

    Is it done?

    I didn't know that there only a few people who know a lot about this. I operate on a forum where are many people so I'm sorry to so hurry, I also need it to work to Wednesday, my holiday is ending that day :D . That's why

    nginx latest c39a868aad02 11 days ago 133MB
    linuxserver/transmission latest 59910a372a33 5 months ago 84.5MB
    portainer/portainer latest 1ec116aed60c 5 months ago 79.1MB
    linuxserver/plex latest 6bba03c4199c 5 months ago 423MB

    I edited the text after I checked a few more things :-D

    I didn't change anything. I do everything only through the GUI. I don't know anything in Linux so I do everything just like that.

    "Check if you have a job defined in /etc/cron.d/openmediavault-rsnapshot"

    EDITED: Sorry wrong file before: