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    @HackitZ where exactly is "north of the border"? ;-)


    Unable to run docker-compose up -d, folder name conflicts, so it trys to recreate the whole setup.
    what the best way to edit the container info without using docker?
    would it be in,
    then editing the json file?

    Its a template for setting up the container. When you modify it and again use the docker-compose up -d the container is recreated.

    so re running docker-compose up -d

    will not cause corruption in the setup?

    i hate this, i changed to my url
    docker logs -f letsencrypt shows server ready.

    i changed the url in nextcloud config
    changed the yml file.

    i get a 502 error on the page.

    went into docker and my letsencrypt docker was no longer showing me the ports, so i edited the docker image directly ( i hate doing that).
    still 502 error.
    my fear is if i keep running docker logs -f letsencrypt, i'll have my cert bannned for a week. this already happened trying to setup before.

    so i know it's a config issue, where can i look in cli to figure it out?
    where else would there be an issue?

    oh, what started all this thread was a i changed my routers to google wifi (big mistake no ddns) a few months ago, i had no time to setup everything at the time. so with life back to normal, i'm trying to setup everything back up.

    so i found a container called blaize/docker-dynamic-dns.
    read the guide and set it up as per the guide.

    When I hit crtl, shift, v.
    Everything copied in but it was on one line. I started to go to each line and hit return. That was taking too much time.
    So I just typed it in.
    The error I mentioned about line 17 row 4. Was I needed to indent
    It was one space to the left, not sure if I'm explaining that right.

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    Quick question.
    Is duckdns container used to make sure the IP and DNS are synced?
    I might try and change the DNS to dyndns, I have been using that for years. I'm thinking I would have to just go in and edit the IP when it changes.
    Is my logic right?

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    Thanks you, up and running.
    copying into nano is a waste. you loose all formatting. if there is a way to keep formatting please share for future use.
    so editing the yml file was the hardest part, just wrote everything by hand and made sure all my indexes were correct.
    first time had errors about line 17 row 4.
    took me a minute too figure what line was wrong.
    other than that it's up and running, thank you so much, to macom. and you morlan.

    well i'm no furthur ahead, trying to sort out whats not right is becoming useless.

    so last night i removed nextcloud and mariadb.
    i re set nextcloud and the db up to work on my local network, everything was fine.

    i did not touch duckdns or letsebcrypt.

    i re-watched tdl video and undid the configs i did following his vid, it was really only the letsencrypt nextcloud.subdoain.conf file. so all i did was remove the file. i stll have the nextcloud.subdoain.conf.sample.

    i then went into the nextcloud config.php with nano and added,

    • 'trusted_proxies' =>
    • array (
    • 0 => 'letsencrypt',
    • ),
    • 'overwritewebroot' => '/nextcloud',
    • 'overwrite.cli.url' => '',
    • 'trusted_domains' =>
    • array (
    • 0 => '',
    • ),

    i also removed the extra settings from letsencrypt container that were not included with the guide here.

    in the guide we remove the sample from (/appdata/letsencrypt/nginx/proxy-confs/nextcloud.subfolder.conf) do we not adjust anything in this file? remove any #. i tired with no luck so it's back to original.

    here's where i'm at, my duckdns/nextcloud loads nothing, my local url loads:


    Please contact your administrator. If you are an administrator, edit the "trusted_domains" setting in config/config.php like the example in config.sample.php.

    i have tried to play with the settings but am stuck, if someone is willing to help this old soul would be much appreciative.

    ok duckdns is ok, letsencrypt is ok, and nextcloud is ok. ok meaning they are setup.

    i'm stuck at the nextcloud login, i dont get one. i just see the page that says

    Welcome to our server

    The website is currently being setup under this address.
    For help and support, please contact:

    So i have missed a simple step i'm sure. i just cant seem to figure out what it is i'm missing.

    can my duckdns look like can i use the dash? just asking

    edit, ok i went into the network tan in docker and connected letsencrypt and nextcloud there, as i'm unable to put the info into the extra args of each docker. still stuck at the welcome to our server login page.

    ok i re added nextcloud, but still cant login

    i tried to add -- network my-net to the extra args option again. this time in letsencrypt container and i get the same error. now when the error pops up i hit ok and remove the extra arg and try to save. i get the error that theirs no container. so it's gone.
    so i just lost letsencrypt container. i guess i need to re add it.
    why does trying to add --network my-net give me an error and why does this cause the container to disappear?

    what am i doing wrong?

    Ok just played around, as soon as i add --network my-net to the extra args, i get the error, at this point i cant do anything other that hit ok. this makes the container (all of them) disappear.