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    Probably but you won't be able to use anything else in the Docker tab. The code looks to see if the system is i386 or has in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/omvextras.list and if either is true, it will always check for Is there a reason you don't want to use the version in the Debian repos? it is 18.09 which is plenty new to do just about anything.

    I am used to making sure that software is always the most up to date version available, but I suppose it wouldn't matter if Docker was a few versions behind the latest so long as there are no critical flaws that need fixing. Using the Debian Docker version would make server admin easier!!

    Is there is a relatively easy way to get from one version to the other?

    If I uninstall the current version of Docker will all existing containers be removed as well? or will the config be preserved so the Debian Docker version can pickup where the other left off?

    The config data is mapped to a folder on the HDD so this would be safe

    omv-extras 5.4.2 will allow you to install from the Docker tab if the docker repo is disabled and will show the right status.

    Great....that seems like a good solution for anyone that has got a problem with the Docker repo

    To clarify - if I add OMV_DISABLE_DOCKER="YES" to /etc/default/openmediavault will I then be able to manually update Docker using the 3 deb files from…dists/buster/pool/stable/?

    Will omv-extras continue to show the correct Docker details and status?

    Obviously the omv-extras docker install button will not work but I can live with that

    If this works I should be able to keep using the most up to date version of Docker and keep apt updates working correctly

    Ok, so it looks like I have a few options -

    1 - Try to get Docker and / or Debian to fix the problem. This may or may not succeed!!

    2 - Unistall Docker via omv-extras. Use OMV_DISABLE_DOCKER="YES" to disable Docker intergration in omv-extras. Install Docker via apt-get install Get Docker updates via the Debian repo

    3 - Edit omvextras.list to exclude the Docker repo (or use OMV_DISABLE_DOCKER="YES"). Manually update Docker occasionally using the 3 deb files here -…buster/pool/stable/amd64/

    4 - Reinstall with 32bit Debian. If I can't find a suitable solution I will give this a try

    5 - Change the hardware....this will be a last resort as I am a little short of cash at the moment!!

    When I get some spare time I will try to get Docker and / or Debian to take a look, if I get a positive response I will post here.

    Thankyou for your help and support with this problem, I am very grateful :)

    I would never have found the root cause without your assistance

    I am very impressed with the friendly help and expertise that is available on the OMV forum

    Thanks again

    I already have Docker version 19.03.12 up and running perfectly via omv-extras from the original omv installation. It was also updating correctly until a couple of months ago.

    Obviously this will not work now (for whatever reason) so if I OMV_DISABLE_DOCKER="YES" will apt-get update (or OMV update) just take the Docker updates from the Debian repo instead of the Docker repo without doing anything else?

    Are there any disadvantages of using Docker updates from the Debian repo?

    What does OMV_DISABLE_DOCKER="YES" do?

    If it removes the docker repo from omvextras.list which repo does it download Docker from?

    I don't want to go to 32bit Debian unless I really have to. The worst case senario is that I have to manually install or update Docker using the Docker deb file.

    The main thing is I can now update all other packages if I comment out the Docker repo from omvextras.list. Not ideal but it is a temporary fix.

    Quick question - do you have any idea why it is only the Docker repo that is failing?

    All the other repo's seem to work ok. If it is something unique with the Docker repo would Docker be able to fix it?

    I don't think VIA would have been my first choice either but I had a T510 sitting here doing nothing when I decided to try OMV

    It is only used as a basic file server with a couple of docker containers. It has worked perfectly until now.

    How do I file a bug report with Debian?

    Is there something specific I need to explain to them?

    I don't think stopping the docker repo from working is a long term least I can update everything else for the first time in over 2 months!!

    My knowledge of Linux is limited but now that we know the docker repo is causing problems with our hardware configuration hopefully someone will get to the bottom of the issue in the not too distant future

    For reference I can ping so it is not a DNS problem

    Thanks for your quick reply,

    I deleted the omvextras.list file, ran apt-get update and it worked correctly

    So it looks like it is something to do with the omv-extras repo

    I will run omv-salt deploy run omvextras to see if the fault returns

    I have just remembered that the problem was intermitant for a couple of weeks if it is relevant


    Sorry to interrupt your thread but I have exactly the same problem with my OMV 5 updates.

    I have been using OMV 5 sucessfully for nearly a year until about 2 months ago when the updates started to fail with the same error message as raulfg3

    (E: Method https has died unexpectedly! E: Sub-process https received a segmentation fault)

    My Linux knowledge is limited and after many hours on google trying to find a solution I joined the OMV forum this evening in the hope that someone would be able to assist. In a massive coincidence this thread was at the top of the latest posts!!

    I don't know if this is relevant or not but I am using exactly the same hardware as raulfg3 - HP T510 thin client with a SATA SSD for the OMV installation and a SATA HDD for data. It also has 4GB of ram installed.

    These are the OMV error messages -

    I haven't tried uninstalling OMV-Extras but I am happy to try if it will pinpoint the problem.

    Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help, hopefully we can find a solution.