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    I have a first version NanoPi M4 with a SATA hat, but I have never run any drives from the USB. Is there any way you could externally power those 2 HHD’s and see if it’s a power issue?

    BTW: This is an excellent SBC machine. It does become a little pricey when you add the heat sync, 4-port SATA hat, and dedicated 12V. power supply. It is my backup server and has been running continuously for 2 years.

    Great point...Externally powering HDD testing is underway ...I will report back in a few days.

    BTW: I agree, find that little SBC very solid...OMV5 is rock stable on it...running 24/7 as a 8Tb media server with 4x2Tb HDD on the SataHat....personally, I am satisfied (or if you prefer, worth the extra cost). The Sata controller runs a bit warm, so just to be safe, I added a micro fan driven at min low speed by the mainboard... the HDD are also mounded in a way to allow plenty of natural air convection. The HDD on the USB3 ports of the mainboard is used to back up my personal data with Rsyn and repository for OS image backup for other devices running on my network. I am presently experimenting BorgBackup to replace Rsyn. Lastly, this SBC has plenty of capacity left...

    OMV is running on Armbian Buster as per the above instructions.

    Yes, it's on the 'light' Buster without Desktop.

    Again, it has been running for months fine...very stable.

    The NanoPiM4V2 has a Satat Hat on it that can accommodate 4x Sata HDD...additionally the main NanoPiM4V2 board its has 4x USB3 ports...the one I am referring to as when adding more than one USB-HDD on this, I get the problem applying changes.

    The Sata Hat has 12v power connection that powers the HDD but also the NanoPiM4V2... I use a quality 12v / 20Amp regulated power supply to power the whole system so I don't think the problem could be coming from this.

    However, your point prompts me to investigate the NanoPiM4V2 USB3 ports specifications as how much power they can provide...strangely, the 2 USB/HDD 2.5 inches are working fine..the only problem is when I 'apply' OMV changes...which raises the question once again: "What that script is doing that can be linked to the NanoPiM4V2 to restart?

    Whenever I apply a change in configuration with the GUI (whatever the change), OMV hangs and after a short while, OMV restarts.

    OMV is stable, been running 24/7 for mounts and I keep it updated.

    I can't really link this problem with a recent update or any particular change in configuration.

    I have look at the log but I have not been able to find any clue... but to be honest, the clue might be there but I can't see it.

    After OMV restarts, it works just fine and I can revert the change without any problem.

    Any hints to diagnose this problem would be very helpful.


    = openmediavault information

    Release: 5.6.16-1

    Codename: Usul


    = System information

    Linux 4.4.213-rk3399 #2 SMP Wed Sep 8 10:53:31 UTC 2021 aarch64 GNU/Linux


    Having problem applying changes...OMV reset and does not apply changes.

    Some changes go through while others don't.

    How can I investigate what the problem is ?

    Could not find any of the OMV log useful.

    Any hints would be appreciated.


    I am unable to remove a file system (see screen capture).

    It is 'referenced' by a shared folder that I can't delete either (see the error in the second screen capture).

    I got into this mess by changing the partition table of the disk from the console doing other stuff (typo err in a bach command !).

    The offending disk was later reformated with OMV but that did not help in any way.

    Any hints on what to do next to remove the file system from OMV would greatly be appreciated.



    Is there a way I can get OMV's "Notifications" without having those sent by email?

    The issue is that my OMV runs on a stand-alone NanoPi M4 V2 on Armbian Buster and this box is not hooked to the Internet.

    I am trying not to have to install a mail server on my network or having to hunt through the log file either.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    What do you mean with "OMV"? Is that a user on your system?

    What do you mean with this?

    The "admin" user is only used in OMV. It has no function in Armbian.

    OMV for OpenMediaVault

    Ok I think that I get it now, OpenMediaVault has a default user name "admin" used to configure it via the web gui interface.

    Then, I can use "Access Rights Management" section to add users to OpenMediaVault

    Very helpfull answer, thanks.

    OMV is part of the admin group...strangely, I was able to log back in using the default user "admin" with an old pw. This credential is not valid anymore in Armbian system by is in OMV ?!? It's not in the OMV Web GUI interface under "User" either. Is this a known issue ? I am new to this forum...should I report this as a bugs ?


    Running on NanoPi M4 V2 with Sata hat & Armbian Buster 20.08.17

    New install... all was running fine till my next logon. On my next logon, the web ui only display the Information section of the menu ?!? Everything else is gone.

    Reboot has not solve the problem.

    I am kind of