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    Hey all,

    I'm having some issues with Portainer. I moved docker and all my containers to a new hard drive. I changed the directory path in the docker gui. All my containers are working perfectly except for portainer. I've removed and installed protainer multiple times with no luck. I installed Yacht (which I'm not very familiar with) to see portainers status and it appears to be hanging on restart. I cant stop or restart it either, it just hangs there. I tried restarting the computer too but it's still the same. Any suggestions would be awesome8)

    Thanks heaps:)

    Yes, you have to update both nextcloud and mariadb images first. As you say, keep them updated with watchtower:thumbup:

    I took a few updates with small database repairs along the way, but I'm now updated to 21.0.3 (stable release)
    It's a pretty slick looking Nextcloud now I've updated8)

    Thanks everyone for your help. I'm now finally on the latest version:)

    Now I know to keep it updated via the web updater as the Nextcloud application isn't stored within the container. Lesson learned8o

    Thanks legends8)

    I've update up to 17.0.10 but there a database issue that needs fixing.

    Some columns in the database are missing a conversion to big int. Due to the fact that changing column types on big tables could take some time they were not changed automatically. By running 'occ db:convert-filecache-bigint' those pending changes could be applied manually. This operation needs to be made while the instance is offline.

    I cant find the right command in to get into docker and run the above command?.... I think im a bit rusty.8o

    You don't have to reinstall everything, just the nextcloud and mariadb containers.

    Auto updating is way smarter than what you're doing now, which is basically using an insecure EOL version.

    I've updated all of my containers automatically with watchtower for at least 3yrs, and it's caused a problem exactly once. Even then, it wasn't really a major problem that 20min of Googling didn't fix (it was really more a PIA update that caused the issue, but it caused a couple of containers to not work properly because I had to manually make some changes to them)

    My mariaDB & nextcloud conatiners are both updated on the latest images. Nextcloud still says Version 17 :/

    I'm not really keen on reinstalling everything if I can avoid it. It's a big

    I know absolutely nothing about watchtower or how it works. I'll have to learn about it first:/
    I'm not sure I like the idea of automatically updating things. If something goes wrong during updates I'd be kicking my self

    Updates are the most annoying thing. Doesn't matter what applications you're into. Updates always leave you with complications.

    Yeah I've already updated the Nexcloud image and it didn't update nexcloud. As Soma posted earlier, I need to still update nextcloud itself after updating the image. I just don't know now if I should update mariaDB image before I start the NC updater. I don't wanna break it before i even

    Watchtower sounds great, I've never heard of it. I'll look into it thanks. Though I'm not sure updating my containers is the problem. It's the content inside the containers that hasn't updated. It seems I still have to manually update nextcloud as its not automatically updated as I previously thought.

    I have everything backed up ready to go. I have used the NC web updater before, however I haven't used it with docker.
    My concern is the mariaDB container and if I need to update it first, or will I do that after NC updates the database?

    Yeah silly me, I thought nextcloud would updated with the image. I'm only running NC 17.0.10.

    So are you saying I should update the mariaDB docker image first or the database itself?
    Or should I do the web updater as usual then follow the database update instructions?

    Thanks Soma.

    You're right, It has been a while since I updated the image. About two days go I decided to update it. Like you said, they updated it about 2 days ago too. So just to make sure I pulled the latest update again and it's still the same. My only quick fix for now is to turn off the version checking.

    I may have to make a new new Nextcloud container. I assume the database and external data files would all still be compatible with the new Nextcloud?

    Wow, very informative response. Thanks man.
    I hade initially thought the same thing. I was right, everything is in the image. Thanks for the clarity.
    Now I know where to start...The docker image:thumbup:
    It's been a great reliable image for years. I thought I'd updated Nextcloud to far cause it requires PHP 7.4 not 7.3.
    I'll look into it. Thanks again:)

    Hey Folks,

    Just need a little clarity here please. I'm a little out of the's been a while8o... Does docker use the host PHP support for images or do developers usually build PHP into their images as needed?... My Nextcloud image says nextcloud is not compatible with PHP 7.3 and I'm wondering if OMV is the problem and not the docker image?

    What PHP version does OMV 5 support?


    Thanks, that's exactly what I was thinking. I would definitely setup a test machine cause it sounds like lots of testing I can see the pros in docker images but there's definitely cons too. So much easier with plugins. Maybe we need an OMV recommended docker image list :)

    Maybe like OMV-Extras we could have OMV-Dockers? ...Just a thought :D

    I have been a long time fan of OMV. I've always loved its simplicity over others, especially its easy to install plugins. But after browsing through these forums I'm a bit hesitant to jump into OMV5. I've read posts that say OMV5 is faster. I've also read that its slower but easier for developers to make plugins. But developers don't want to make or maintain plugins which is fare enough.
    My past experience with docker images isn't great. To find one good one you have to test ten others first. Then getting them to run perfectly the way you want takes a Linux guru. So you find yourself back on the forum bugging developers for help. I'm concerned it might take a lot of effort to build a stable system :|

    Is OMV5 really going to be user friendly for all or only the specialists?

    I would love to read some other users experiences before jumping it. How much luck have you had with dockers like Plex, Nextcloud, Duplicate etc.

    Thanks, Baldman :)

    I think I got this working by copying the files from /var/lib/mysql to the directory you listed in mysql extra options.
    Make sure you have the right permissions set on your data directory too.
    Remember to backup you databases first :)