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    Your database is not migrated. This happens when an older config.xml backup is installed manually for example and the migration scripts are not executed.

    Run omv-confdbadm migrate conf 5.2.0 to fix that issue.

    Thank you, that fixed the issue. In case anyone, you have to SSH into your box and run the command under root (which I did with sudo su - then omv-confdbadm migrate conf 5.2.0)

    No idea why this happens. Should be fixed.

    Try to select a value in the GUI of OMV in System >> Notification >> Settings >> Encryption Mode

    even if you don't use notification (not sure if you need to fill the other fields as well).

    When I tried that, unselected something, and applied I get the following error


    First time having issues with OMV 5. Did a maintenance update then applied the configs which I got an Error #0 with 'base:omv.deploy.cronapt.default'

    Was wondering what to do now? I haven't reverted yet...