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    Got an initial reply from Asustor. Not a complete one, so I've asked for more info. So far no further reply.

    I know meaningless replies are the expected norm for customer/technical support, but in the past I've had better-than-average conversations with Asus (routers). Also the initial Asustor reply now was a little better than average, so I'm still hopeful.

    I use an AS3104T v1 with OMV5. I installed OMV on the small internal SSD.

    How's that SSD connected?

    What did you have to do to install OMV?

    Can you easily revert back to the Asus OS?

    FTP support in browsers may be limited, but if it's for serious file transferring, FTP clients are unbeatable.

    Proper file tree navigation (native software rather than clunky web-based), multi-file queueing, resume support, upload, user credentials...

    Firefox supports sftp. I'm still on 51.0.1.

    That's the SSH based one, no? Otherwise it should be FTPS (over SSL):


    How's the noise from that smallish fan?

    But, only 1Gbps Ethernet. And seems rather more expensive. And judging by the power supply rating and the CPU, I suspect it's not as efficient.


    I suppose that's just plain x86, so as compatible as it gets. But I don't need VMs or anything else fancy. Just good performance storage.

    Funny/sad how I'm always having trouble finding hardware (and software) that fully matches my tastes...

    Would you say that on average, x86 is a safer bet than Arm?

    And what would be the common reasons for incompatibility? Booting, storage, networking...?

    Some of the Asus and Qnap code is open source:

    Otherwise, within the price range posted, something used or a even new build is possible.

    You mean DIY? The advantage of these retail NAS boxes is size, probably noise, and maybe power efficiency.

    Hi all,

    Does OMV work equally well on Arm and x86?

    What pitfalls would there be to running it on retail NAS boxes?

    Any brands more likely to work well?

    My current 4-bay shortlist is:

    Asustor AS4004T - $360, Arm A72 (Marvel Armada 7020), Ethernet: 10 + 1.0 x2

    Asustor AS5304T - $430, Intel J4005, Ethernet: 2.5 x2

    QNAP TS-431P3-2G - $380, Arm A15 (Annapurna AL-314), Ethernet: 2.5 + 1.0