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    Thanks for posting this. Unfortunately from the readme for the project.…pen/blob/master/ "BeyondTrust AD Bridge Open is no longer maintained and will be archived." Not good for future updates.

    I have a question for you if you don't mind. You said "I discovered when I want to create some test shares that Samba discontinued support for SSSD in version 4.8.". Could you point me to a link about that? I am working on getting AD integration working for omv6. I have it working but not happy with it yet. This info might be a big help.


    I'd love to help, but alas I'm still working to learn the necessary skills to do the task manually myself. While I got past the errors above I also can't seem to get the share to work properly unless I go through the GUI -- and as you observed, the easy-breezy solution above has issues and is unmaintained for two years. However, the above library did allow me to hook into OMV and the users ... but I'm still trying to figure out how to repeat that fact without the bridge software.

    Thank ye gods and little fishes. That was probably the easiest method I've seen to accomplish the task. A small note for SMB with the above however:

    1. Error: ERROR_GEN_FAILURE [code 0x0000001f] will result if you don't allow SMB 2.0 as a minimum protocol
    2. ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED [code 0x00000005] will result if you force Transport Encryption and/or signing (I made both client defined)

    Once I triaged those anomalies on the Synology (Don't call me Active Directory) Directory Server the instructions were flawless and easy. Thanks!