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    thanks all,

    I manage to restored an old full dd of my OS before the issues to a new usb, copied my portainer.db to my installation and now everything is working :)

    I will make sure to check my Dublicati backups, it would have helped but was also courrepted.

    Thanks again

    Zoki Thanks for your comment can you clarify if you mean the limited one or the old one( this is not and just throwing the error)

    I didn’t find any option for export or maybe it is not clear for me

    I created all stacks from portainer, out of the blues I go this error and it stopped resolving the enviroment

    I did reinstall portainer, nothing happem and seems that my only options is either to find an old backup of the db or deleting all my stacks and recomposing them again :(


    I have all my compose files backuped, and I even see them on the server and in the dB but the error is showing, any idea how to add them in the new environment, I mean switching the limited stacks to include my compose files, to be able to deploy or change

    Can I edit the Portainer dB, the compose data are in clear text inside but I am not sure how to edit the file

    Hi All,

    I am facing some issue with Portainer, I am not able to open the enviroment getting the message

    'Failed loading environment invalid character '\x00' after top-level value'

    If I create a 2nd envirmont it works but all stacks can't be modified.


    Hi All,

    I have one my HDD showing RED in SMART (found some bad sectors), should I do some tests and using what? or replace the HDD quitely :)

    Luckily I found that my old PC had similar specs RAM my server is now upgraded to 16 GB 😂, a quick question should I move back to SSD now !? Or remain on USB

    Hi All,

    I was using OMV v4 for long time, after a long time I decided to move to v5, instead of doing an upgrade I went to a fresh install option, only I switched from my SSD to USB Stick as it seems easier to handle.

    Since I did the upgrade, I keep getting out of memory and the NAS is dying every couple of hours :(

    I am using a intel celeron G1840 @2.8 with 4GB RAM

    Setup was done using the iso provided on the main paper, I enabled the flash plugin and deleted the swap, 1st time ever.

    I have Docker running with the following services

    1. Nextcloud

    2. Airsonic

    3. Jellyfin

    4. PhotoPrism (newly used)

    5. Duplicati

    any hit or tip would be appreciated, I may consider to move back to the SSD but this is simply too much work to reinstall everything :(

    one thing worth mentioning when it dies I only can hard switch it off and after restart some of the services may lose the application data and I need to restart again :(


    I have exactly the same topic, OMV boots until i connect 3 of my drives and with the last one it give the same screen ..

    I found the issue, simply i changed my grup entry since device was moved from /dev/sda to /dev/sdc ....

    Solved for me.. simply I booted from the stick to find out my device name...

    Hi Deejc,

    I think I fixed it :)

    you need to Change here


    upload_max_filesize = 100M
    post_max_size = 100M

    and you need to update the real conf file for the webdav

    located here


    client_max_body_size xxxxM;

    xxxx is your limit

    then via SSH run

    service php5-fpm reload
    service nginx reload

    or restart

    Let me know, since I updated a lot of other files in the course of this .

    Have a nice Sync