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    The issue has been fixed!!

    I went through the OMV gui, and changed the password through the user section for the user. That fixed it.

    That is weird that a password change through the CLI did nothing but through the gui it did.

    Regardless, I am glad I fixed the issue.

    Thank you for suggesting changing the password.

    Are the privileges of the sharedfolder correct? There is access for ‚personal‘ on your screenshot but not for ‚chris‘.

    If that’s not the issue, have you changed your users password via cli passwd? It is a mistake I did once. That way the password for samba is not being updated.

    Oh btw you should not use ACL unless lots of different user and group permissions have to be configured. For single user share, just set owner and group in the lower half of ACL screen with rwx permissions. Do nothing in the upper half (that is actually the ACL section). It should work but people often don’t really understand what they doing and screw things up.

    Thank you for your reply. Yes the privileges for shared folders are correct. personal is the name of the folder I am sharing, not the user. It is the user Chris who is getting those privileges to the personal folder.

    I went into the cli and changed the password through passwd just to double check. But that didn’t fix the issue. I’ve also tried to add other users with full access, and added it to the correct groups and that didn’t help.

    It’s an odd issue. Any further suggestion would be appreciated.

    Here’s a screenshot from my iPhone trying to login.


    Every time I try to Login to an SMB Share I created in OMV6 I get a login failed message. I have tried this on my Linux Desktop machine (Debian), on Windows 10, on Mac, and on my iPhone and it fails on all of them. I am able to SSH with the same user name. I am able to access any shared folder as long as its Guest Allowed but as soon as I select No in the Public settings, it will not let me log in with any user.

    I went to Storage > Shared Folders and created a shared folder with permissions to Everyone: read/write. Then I added it to shares in SMB/CIFS. Here is a screenshot of the settings I selected.


    I've also added a screenshot of the SMB/CIFS settings section.

    Here is the User Privileges to this share.


    The user is part of these groups.


    Here is a screenshot of the Login Box I get on my client PC. When I try to log in, it just reopens the log in box on Debian. On Mac, Windows, and iPhone it tells me that the login details are incorrect (they are not.)


    Any ideas what the issue can be?