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    You shouldn't have the testing repo enabled to start. The version of the snapraid plugin in the testing repo is a big change (multi arrays and split parity).

    Did you clear your browser cache? Are you executing the scrub from the Array tab?

    Tried clear browser cache, but the problem keeps occurring.

    Yes , i have testing repo enabled. But the version of snapraid plugin seems still 6.2.1 after disabling testing repo.

    If I uninstall and reinstall the plugin, do I lost the settings?

    Thank you.

    When I choose "Scrub" it gives error message:

    "The property 'percentScrub' does not exist in the model 'conf.service.snapraid'."

    and tracing information:

    Any idea to fix the problem?

    OMV version: 6.0.46-5

    Snapraid Plugin Version: 6.2.1

    I'm also having the similar issue, my NAS hanged twice in last two weeks. And there is no helpful information from the logs under /var/log/.

    Switch back to kernel 5.10.0-0.bpo.12, my nas runs 17 days without any issue.