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    In case of second option, will it be possible to use both onboard displayports, 1 for the Kodi and one for omv itself or at least the Kodi one?
    I am wondering if it's possible to shutdown the whole system when powering off Kodi. It will only shutdown the virtualbox, how to shutdown after that the Nas?
    I also have a T630 and T620 and t520.
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    I love to have one little box, like thin client or something. I have several also newer types. It hasn't to be high end. with 2 drives ssd and 1 os drive.

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    I was wondering if it's possible to create a system for under my TV.
    My kids love watching typical movies, who are stored on my Nas drive, and they streaming it to a openelec Kodi box to my TV.

    Is it possible to create a system with omv and Kodi on one system box, which is energy efficient, so kids can wake-up with the USB mouse/keypad the Kodi and Nas the same time?

    Omv on top, virtualbox Kodi or maybe a Linux distro with virtualbox omv and Kodi, or maybe another system like hyperv ?

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    Have just seen that you already posted that /var/lib is quite big.
    What is inside?

    How can I see that best, what command?

    And I dont use plex, but I am using Virtualbox. There was a test machine on it, I deleted that, that free'd up /var/lib

    Hi, my OS disk is almost full. Size is 8gb, was always fine for 2 years now.
    My linux is not that, how can I clean up? I already ran apt-get clean and deleted some logs. Also after that is possible to login but tomorrow not anymore.

    Well I dont think its possible to install an OS without a monitor. After installation you can remove the monitor.
    There are to much cheap old small 17 inch square monitors at dump/re-use/recycle stores. Probably also on ebay.


    Is there someone who can help me with some linux things?
    I like to make a script to check if a service on a remote linux server is running, but I dont know how to start exactly.
    Where do I have to put my script on the omv machine, and can the omv task scheduler send the script result to my email or does it mail only if the script is executed correctly or not?
    And I cant find a good example script yet, maybe somebody has already similair?

    Well it is a time ago I tried a m2 ssd to the WiFi slot but it did not work. I guess there is no storage controller behind the slot.
    I really don't think it's gonna work.
    Maybe the best solution is to try usb 3.0 discs.

    What is that jail exactly?

    I am using now an ide Dom for omv itself, and 2 sata discs as storage. One disc somehow outside.

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    I'm trying not to buy MORE stuff to make this work... I was actually planning on adding a second system at a remote site to rsync to, but I have to get the first one working first.

    Is there something fundamentally wrong with installing Deb 8.x Jessie / OMV3 on the 16GB SSD in the thin client and use two USB 3.0 drives for data (lets ignore formatting and raid setup for now, but EXT4/Raid1?)...

    Nothing wrong with that.
    usb in raid is possible but I dont know if it will help in performance, you can give it a try. But not in NTFS.
    The only NTFS disk I'm using is an external one for USB-BACKUP method.
    And what if the omv box dies, just build a linux system, mount the disk and you will get your data back.

    Whahaha but I do have sata disks on sata ports on my clients. And I can acces my nas everywhere. Maybe it's better to get a big ssd for it, so you don't have to use usb. Maybe usb for the installation of omv, a usb to sata converter or something. And another cheap thin client which you can place in another place then your own house, to rsync backup the data. At your parents or family or friends or work.

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