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    Sorry for this late answer.
    In fact, I've just rebuilt a new PC for my needs, and just done some new tests with my NAS and... surprise !

    The transfert rate is now stable and constant.

    The previous motherboard had a REALTEK 1Gb/s NIC, and a Win 10 up to date OS. My new PC has now a REALTEK 2.5Gb/s NIC and Win 11 OS.

    I can't explain why it wasn't working nice between the different NAS NIC Intel i210 vs Intel x550) before, but the fact is that it works now without a problem with my new PC motherboard !

    Sometimes, you don't need answers, you just need it to work ! lol

    Little update with my 10Gb Card...

    I ran some tests using qbittorrent to download some big files on my NVME disk, and the tranfert rates is stable at 110/112MB/s aka 1Gb/s...

    So I think that maybe it's more a SMB protocol performance problem than a disk or NIC one when I'm copying from my PC (Windows) to the NAS (Linux)...

    sbocquet I assumed that you tried already drivers from manufacturer. Is that a correct assumption?…work-adapter-x550-t2.html


    Not at the moment... I need more free time to try, but I'm going to...

    EDIT: I just tried the latest driver version 5.14.6 (Intel Ethernet Drivers and Utilities - Browse /ixgbe stable/5.14.6 at It seems to improve stability of the PC to NAS transfers by a little bit... It needs more testing.


    I have in some ways the same problem as you with my setup...

    I have 4 NICs on my OMV5 NAS:

    - 2 x Intel i210 1Gb on the ASROCK X470D4U motherboard,

    - 2 x Intel x550T2 10Gb on a PCie card which is on a correct PCIe extension slot (PCIe3.0 x8)).

    They are all linked to the LAN with a 1Gb Netgear GS108E switch (works fine but plan to upgrade very soon to a 10Gb one).

    I'm facing some strange drops in transfert rates with the x550T2 card whereas the same copy operations on the same disks run perfect with the i210 NICs.

    • 1Gb NIC transferts

      10Gb NIC transferts

      To be short:
      - NAS to PC is rock solid with both NIC,
      - PC to NAS 1Gb NIC is rock solid
      - PC to NAS 10Gb NIC is... strange :(
    • I've already checked that SSDs (PC & NAS) are not overheating (throttling), and tested also on my RAID 6 array to eliminate a disk issue.
    • NAS isn't CPU or RAM limited.
    • Copy operations are done by SMB protocol between my PC SSD (Windows 10) and the NAS, but seems to act the same way with SFTP protocol.
    • SSD and RAID6 array are capable of 300MB/s reads and writes speeds.

    Seems like a NIC buffer problem to me, but I have already upgraded my buffers to max

    I finished to do some testing with perf3 between the PC and the NAS, and it doesn't seems to be the NIC apparently...

    But I still cannot explain why the copies are working so badly with the 10Gb card... and not with the 1Gb one !

    Any idea or help is welcome.


    Can say it better than you did, especially the third and fourth one !

    I've had some issue with RAID 5 arrays in the past, without lost fortunatly. Lesson learned too...

    Since that, I always go with RAID 6 now.
    Ok, you lose more data space but as disk capacity goes bigger and bigger, the chance to have some recovery issues are now a thing you must always consider in building a RAID array. It takes hours (even days sometime) to rebuild an array and during this time, your 'old' disks are 100% full loaded. Needless to say that it often goes wrong !

    Thanks for the general reminder and hope that everything returns to normal quickly for you.


    Like always... you need to clear your web browser cache (or something like this!) ;)

    Anyway... work in progress but it works !

    Just need some advices from some PHP gourou...
    I'm not sure that this is the best way to do it or if there is something more efficient in PHP then those system calls to read the last line of a file. So any advice is welcome for this slice of code.

    Thanks for your help.

    I searched the source code where the default dashboard widgets are registered, but didn't find anything. I'm really sorry, i can't remember anymore how this is working, too much time passed since this feature was implemented. I think it is a magic function of ExtJS, but i don't know it anymore.

    In general i would say that somewhere a // require("js/omv/module/admin/dashboard/(par|view)/xxx.js")

    must occur which triggers the PHP code to create a <script type='application/javascript' src='foo'></script> entry in the generated HTML file; but did not found any code that looks like that.

    Thanks for trying votdev ...

    It seems that my files are "here" (listed in the cache, so I assume OMV took them into account), but somehow not "visible"...

    EDIT :
    votdev JS Files are in the generated page... so I'm completely lost now ! lol

    Sorry, I don't have time to keep working on OMV 6.x plugins (behind already) and backport changes to OMV 5.x plugins.

    No problem, I understand the fact your're already busy... and everybody is giving his time like he wants.
    I will review your commit and try my best ;)


    Have a look here.

    Thanks votdev, that's where I was addind my src files

    But nothing more in the "add" button. It seems that my widget is not "registered".

    votdev Maybe I need to restart something ?

    - I have already restarted the openmediavault-engined and the nginx services.
    - My files are in the caches directory

    OMV5 is practically already EOL, i do not maintain it anymore (except patches for migration or security issues). Please use OMV6 instead. For developing plugins please have a look at https://openmediavault.readthe…/development/plugins.html and use the source code as reference.

    Yeah... I know... and I would really like to, but I've done so much specific conf (collectd, IPMI, WebUI, etc...) on my NAS that it would be very long to restart from OMV6 at the moment, so I'm trying to add what I can to my need.

    I reading the code since several months for my needs, but it's still a hard step even if I was a dev guy 15 years ago ;)
    I'm asking help only when I'm really stuck after several hours.

    only for curiosity, what show your widget?, is usefull for other users?

    I'm going to add a temperature widget (I got them with IPMI and a collectd specific configuration), better than the one line that I've added in the System Info one. (see screenshot)
    The fact is that the files I have modified to add this line will be overide each time a new version of OMV goes live.

    Buy adding a widget panel, this will not append ;)


    I'm trying to add a panel to the dashboard, but I cannot add a new item to the "Add" button.
    By searching the code, I have found the file Dashboard.js, which get the registered dashboard...

    So the question is... Where do I register the dashboard widget ?


    Hi !

    I have added a plugin to collectd configuration, in order to get iptables statistics.

    According to the collectd docs, the configuration file should be something like this :

    root@home-server:/# cat /etc/collectd/collectd.conf.d/iptables.conf
    LoadPlugin iptables
    <Plugin "iptables">
      Chain "filter" "INPUT"
      Chain "filter" "OUTPUT"

    Here are some infos from my iptables :

    Restarting the collectd demon is fine :

    Unfortunatly, no data are collected/writen in the data directory (should have some iptables_filter_* directories from what I know :( )

    Does anyone already done this and any idea of what the problem is ?


    borgbackup 6.1.0 in the repo now. It will still email you if there is an error. You will not be able to disable that but I don't think errors should be skipped.

    I'm using OMV 5 anyway ;)
    But I'm still thinking that a little checkbox for emailing in the WebUI in the archive configuration interface could be a nice improvment ;)

    Hi !

    I have just added an Intel x550T2 10Gb NIC on my OMV server, and noticed that I have a lot of rx_dropped errors for all NICs (2 Intel i210 on the motherboard, 2 x550 on the card).
    The card is on a correct PCIe extension slot (PCIe3.0 x8).

    At the moment, they are all linked to a Netgear GS108e switch.

    Here are some infos for the i210 NIC :

    And for the x550 NIC

    I have already tried to max the buffer ring but still have the error:

    Here are some Iperf tests too :

    I can see that ALL my NIC have some dropped packets :

    So :

    • It's probably not the cables (all the cables are directly connected to the switch), even the test PC... => Not the cables in the walls !
    • It's probably not the NICs, as 2 are on the motherboard (ASRock Rack x470D4U) and 2 are on the PCie x550T2 Card,
    • Switch ?
    • Server configuration... maybe/maybe not ? Intel drivers ?

      Any help or idea is welcome as I'm a little lost at the moment :/||||

    Little NAS Updated !

    Case: Lian Li PC-V354
    Motherboard: ASRock Rack x470D4U
    CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600
    RAM: 1 x 16GB Crucial DDR4 PC2666 ECC
    PSU: Seasonic M12 - 500W

    NIC Card: Intel x550T2 - 10Gb
    CPU Fan: 1 x Be Quiet! Pure Rock Slim PWM
    System Fans: 3 x Be Quiet! Silent Wings 3 PWM
    System Disk: 1 x NVMe XDATA 8200Pro 256GB
    Datas Disks: 5 x Western Digital 10TB (RAID 6)

    Backups Disk: 1 x Seagate 2TB