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    I use an external HDDs connected directly to my OMV using USB3 to copy files in and out of my OMV. These external HDDs are usually formatted with NTFS or HFS. I'm getting much faster write/read speeds than copying over wifi or even gigabit Ethernet.

    I found out that with UFSD I get much better write speeds than with mount.ntfs . In addition, CPU utilization is substantially reduced. These are some benchmark tests I did:

    Read : 77.4 MB/s with CPU utilization : ~22%
    Write : 39.9 MB/s with CPU utilization : ~72%
    *the CPU utilization mentioned above were taken by mount.ntfs process

    Read : 79.9 MB/s with added CPU utilization : 0%
    Write : 81.7 MB/s with added CPU utilization : 0%

    As you can see, write speed is dramatically enhanced, as read speed is almost the same. In addition, a lot of CPU cycles are saved for both read and write, with huge save in write scenario.
    Furthermore, with ufsd you can have ACL which isn't possible in mount.ntfs.

    I'm testing with purchased Pro version of "Paragon NTFS & HFS+ for Linux" to get some extra features and utilities, but they have a community Express version free to download with a working drivers (kernel module).

    The issue I have now, is that once I mount the drive manually from command line, I won't be able to add it as shared folder. So I was thinking that it's might be due to the limitation once fixed and mentioned by @votdev :

    The regression is fixed in openmediavault 3.0.38, see…231f45a89fd2bd36e4ef0f95c.

    so maybe just "ufsd" is needed to be added like "Fuseblk" was added?

    Hi @votdev

    I'm using Universal File System Driver "UFSD" from to mount NTFS and HFS+ partitions "for better NTFS performance". The device file system will be mounted as "ufsd", making it impossible to create a shared folder using such devices.

    $ mount
    /dev/sdc1 on /media/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxDCC type ufsd (rw,relatime,nls=utf8)

    I saw the correction you mentioned in the thread "Unable to create Shared Folders" and I'm hoping that you can extend this correction to solve my problem. Can you please add "ufsd" as a shared folder file system candidate. I will greatly appreciate it.

    Best regards,

    OMV3 package release notes are not published during the beta phase. But i can tell you that it has been released some minutes ago.

    Thanks votdev for your efforts.

    I'm using ufsd driver from to mount NTFS and HFS+ partitions. Can you please add "ufsd" as a shared folder file system candidate. I will greatly appreciate it.

    I'm getting sad faces for all graphs.

    # sensors

    # ls /var/lib/rrdcached/db/localhost/sensors*/

    My hardware sensors locations are as follows:

    If I have to choose only one as motherboard temperature I would choose temp11 since it's always the highest after CPU and GPU.

    Thanks in advance @jhmiller