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    I finally resolved this issue.

    If you're reading this thread for this solution, then use the above script and modify the ethernet adapters accordingly.

    Next store it in any directory, and use the cron to schedule it at reboot/hibernation resume.

    You also need to compile and update the ethernet drivers either from or

    I just got the OMV installation done in the GCP VM.

    It requires a lot of work to do for networking and security, which I'm new to this.

    My server is still working great in the past years.

    I'm not sure about this cloud route yet.

    Hi all,

    I'm been using OMV more than 7 years, and really like the system and the community.

    Lately, I'm thinking should I migrate my system to the cloud to save resources and power consumption.

    Please share your thoughts.



    I'm currently using Docker and Cockpit.

    Anybody receive this error ?