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    install a previous version (for example 4.1.22) and then to do the update, but in this way I update it to the recent version, not to the one just above it.

    An update will bring you to the latest versions of OMV4, which should be 4.1.36 according your post. Just a bit confused as the change log shows no such version.

    quotacheck: Your kernel probably supports ext4 quota feature but you are using external quota files. Please switch your filesystem to use ext4 quota feature as external quota files on ext4 are deprecated.

    quotacheck: Scanning /dev/md0 [/srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-f43b039e-2d4f-49dd-95f3-a82cff27382e] quotacheck: Something weird happened while scanning. Error 2133571474

    sorry, never seen that

    If you want full control from Portainer yes.

    If you do the upgrade and install Portainer the container will be visible in Portainer and can do certain changes. You could actually install Portainer now and see how it looks like with your current setup of docker.

    The docker plugin has not been ported. You can use Portainer, Yacht, or just CLI. Up do to you.

    If you know the docker plugin, you will find it easy to use the GUI of Portainer.

    I prefer to use docker-compose files in Portainer (stacks), though.

    I would make a clone/image of the OS drive and then try to upgrade from 4 to 5 and then 5 to 6